6/17/2001 - 6/24/2001

* Another Fine Day - Salvage CD (Six Degrees, UK)
Appliance - A Gentle Cycle Revolution 12"/CDEP (Mute, UK)
Caural - Initial Experiments in 3-D CD (Tùshùklabs, US)
Combat Astronomy - Lunik CD (Ad Noiseam, Germany)
Panoptica - 04: Yahora 10" (Certificate 18, UK)
Sutekh - Collaborations Vol. 1 12" [collaborations with alva.noto, Kit Clayton and Geoff White] (Force Lab, US)
Various - Sound 01: A Big Dada Sampler CD (Big Dada/Ninja Tune, UK/Canada/US)
Wilt - Amidst a Spacious Fabric CD (Ad Noiseam, Germany)
Yunx - Matter As Process 12" [with mixes by Rotating Parts, Meek and Novel 23] (Meson Octet, Canada)


* Vince Clarke & Martyn Ware - Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle CD (Mute, US)
dZihan & Kamien - Smile 12"/CDEP (Six Degrees, US/Canada)
* Gorillaz - Gorillaz CD (Virgin, US)
Ministry - Greatest Fits CD (Warner, US)
Mors Syphilitica - Feather and Fate CD (Projekt, US)
* The Prodigy - Experience Expanded 2xCD [reissue with bonus remix disc] (XL/Beggars Banquet, US/Canada)
Slicker - The Latest CD/LP (Hefty, US)
* Throbbing Gristle - The First Annual Report CD (Thirsty Ear, US)
* Throbbing Gristle - Grief CD (Thirsty Ear, US)
Unto Ashes - Saturn Return CD (Projekt, US)
Various - African Travels CD (Six Degrees, US/Canada)
Various - Artist & Computer Vol. 3 CD [with Lilienthal, Accelera Deck, Gosub, Gamers in Exile, My Selfish Desire, Goodiepal, Multicast, Colongib, Mik at Home, Crix Madine and more] (Safety in Numbers, US)
Various - Future Groove Collection CD (Future Groove/Mute, US)
Various - Mystic Groove CD (Quango/Palm Pictures, US/Canada)