6/23/2002 - 6/29/2002

Aphrodite - Aftershock CD (V2, UK)
Bku Rum 13 - Vaguely Familiar LP (Jazz Fudge, UK)
Cassius - I'm A Woman 2x12"/CDEP (Astralwerks, US)
Cattivo/souRce research/Steinbrchel - the Tragedy of ErroRs CD (souRce research, UK)
The Chap - Fun 10" (Lo Recordings, UK)
CoH - NETMÖRK [movement revealed in three parts] CD (souRce research, UK)
Connective Zone - Qwerty 12" (Emoticon, UK)
Continuous Orgasm - The Cause of the Flow CD (Ant-Zen, Germany)
D Product - Process Of One CD (Full Cycle, UK)
* Daedelus - Invention CD/2xLP (Plug Research, UK)
Debasser - Fat Girls 12" (Novamute, UK)
Deejay Punk Roc - Thrift Store Classics CD (Airdog, UK)
Dempsey - Dempsey CD (Output, UK)
Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death two 12"s/CDEP [mixes by Peshay, La Funk Mob, Tom Middleton and more] (Cheeky, UK)
Drexciya - Grava 4 CD/LP (Clone, Holland)
The Eternals - Black Museum 12" (Aesthetics, US)
* Fatboy Slim - Live On Brighton Beach CD (MCA, US)
Vincent Gallo - Recordings of Music for Film CD/2xLP (Warp, UK)
I Am Robot And Proud - Spring Summer Autumn Winter 10" (Mira, Germany)
Icarus - Misfits CD (Icarus, UK)
Jolly Music - Radio Jolly 12"/10"/CDEP [mixes by Adult. & Parallax Corporation] (Illustrious, UK)
Kettel - Smiling Little Cow CD/2xLP (Neo Ouija, UK)
* Koop - Waltz For Koop CD (Stimulus, UK)
Lemon D - Jazz Is 2x12" (Reinforced, UK)
Looper - The Snare CD/LP (Mute, UK)
Minus 8 - Minuit CD/LP (Compost, Germany)
Moonstarr - Dupont Remixes 12" (Compost, Germany)
Morcheeba - Otherwise 12"/CDEP (East West, UK)
Mr. Lif - Emergency Rations CD/LP (Def Jux, US)
Mr. Velcro Fastener - Otherside Part Two 12" (I220, Germany)
Nitrada - 0+ 12"/CDEP (2.nd rec, Germany)
Oeuf Korreckt - Podweek CD (No Type, Canada)
Orbital/Various - Back To Mine CD/3xLP [with Plaid, Severed Heads, Lee Perry, EON and more] (DMC, UK/US)
Phako - Bolnes/Shipyards & Engineering Co Ltd CD (DUB, Holland)
Poets Of Rhythm - Smilin' When You're Crying 7" (Ninja Tune, UK/Canada/US)
Prefuse73 - The '92 vs '02 Collection 12"/CDEP (Warp, UK)
Quantic - Apricot Morning CD/2xLP (Tru Thoughts, UK)
Ramleh - Too Many Miles CD (World Serpent, UK)
Anthony Rother - Hacker CD (Psi49Net, Germany)
Jeff Samuel - New Age Mold 12" (Emoticon, UK)
Stendec - Pyat 7" (Static Caravan, UK)
Stereotyp - Silence 12" (G Stone, Austria)
Telerotor - Modern Times CD (Ant-Zen, Germany)
They Came From The Stars (I Saw Them) - Authentautistic 7" (Lo Recordings, UK)
Total Science - Sweet Potato 12" (Skindeep, UK)
* Tricky - Ruff Guide CD ["best of" anthology] (Universal, US)
Various - We Still Kill The Old Way CD (Clone, Holland)
Wilt - Radio 1940 2xCD (Ad Noiseam, Germany)
Windsor For The Derby - The Emotional Rescue Album CD/LP (Aesthetics, US)
Xenonics K-30 - Automated CD (Ad Noiseam, Germany)