7/16/2000 - 7/23/2000

Mindfield General - Generalisation CD/2xLP (Skint, UK)
Jimi Tenor - Out Of Nowhere CD/LP (Warp, UK)
Various - Invisible Soundtracks Macro 3 CD [with 310, Bass Communion, Beige, Broadway Project, Druckwelle, Rob Ellis, B Fleischmann, Freeform, Manitoba, Ian Masters, Lee Norris, Op:l Bastards, Oskar, Pan American, Kieron Phelan & David Sheppard, Susumu Yokota] (Leaf, UK)

* Appliance - Six Modular Pieces CD/LP (Mute, US)
Carbon Cube - Carbon Based Life Form CD (indie, US)
DMT - Little Dog Music CD (Stray, US)
Hank and Slim - The World Turned Gingham CD (Soleilmoon/Caciocavallo, US)
* Mr. Oizo - Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog 2x12"/CDEP (Mute, US)
People Like Us - Lassie House/Jumble Massive CD (Cacciocavallo/Soleilmoon, US)
Stephen Philips - Natural Environments CD (Dark Duck, US)
Boyd Rice - The Way I Feel LP (Cacciocavallo/Soleilmoon, US)
Various - Heroes and Villains: Music Inspired by the Powerpuff Girls CD [with Cornelius, Devo, Shonen Knife and more] (Rhino)

Ken Ishii - Iceblink CD (Sony, Japan)

Remote Viewer/Tristeza - split 7" (Jonothan Whiskey, UK)