7/22/2007 - 7/28/2007

Look for new things this week from Eleh, MF Doom, Barbez, and Bishop Allen as well as a new collection of old things from Dälek, plus old things from Depeche Mode, Harvey Milk, and Ananda Shankar.


Paul Adolphus, "The Dawn Wind" (Shadoks Music) CD
Adrian Orange & Her Band, "Interdependance Dance" (K) CD
Agnes B, "Loves Ze" (Ze Records) CD
Alamo Race Track, "Black Cat John Brown" (Minty Fresh) CD
Bishop Allen, "The Broken String" (Dead Oceans) CD
Barbez, "Mexico City Impressions b/w Somebody Get Rid of the King" (Important) 7"
*Betty, "Handful" (Shadoks Music) CD
The Castanets, "Cathedral" (Asthmatic Kitty) CD
Ceephax, "Volume Two" (Rephlex) CD/LP
Dalek, "Deadverse Massive Vol. 1: Dalek" (Hydra Head) CD
*Depeche Mode: A Broken Frame; Black Celebration; Construction Time Again; Some Great Reward; Speak And Spell Reissues (Mute/Rhino) CD+DVD
Circus Devils, "Sgt. Disco" (Ipecac) CD
Dekapitator, "The Storm Before the Calm" (Relapse) CD
*East, "East" (Fallout) CD
Eleh, "Floating Freqeuncies/Initiative Synthesis Vol. 2" (Important) LP
The Flaming Lips, "UFO's At The Zoo" (Warner Bros.) DVD
Morton Fledman, "For Bunita Marcus" (Sub Rosa) CD
David Garland, "Noise In You" (Family Vineyard) CD
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, "What Is Free To A Good Home?" (Last Gang) CD
*Harvey Milk, "My Love is Higher Than Your Assesment of What My Love Could Be" (Relapse) CD
*Harvey Milk, "The Pleaser" (Relapse) CD
Manic Street Preachers, "Send Away The Tigers" (Red Ink) CD
Michael Dracula, "In the Red" (Ze Records) CD
MF Doom, "Mm...Food" (Rhymesayers) CD
Oliver Future, "Pax Futura" (Transit Of Venus) CD
Paris, Texas, "Action Fans Help Us!" (Polyvinyl) CD
Ante Perry vs. Babylon Robots, "Der Urknall/3 A.M." (Systematic) 12"
Duane Pitre/Pilotram Ensemble, "Organized Pitches Occuring in Time" (Important) CD
The Queers, "A Day Late And A Dollar Short" (Asian Man) CD
Red Chord, "Prey For Eyes" (Metal Blade) CD
Paul Ritch, "June" (Get Physical Music) 12"
*Ananda Shankar, "Sá-Re-Gá Machán" (Fallout) CD
Will Stratton, "What The Night Said" (Stunning Models On Display) CD
Tegan & Sara, "The Con" (Vapor/Sanctuary) CD
3, "The End Is Near" (Metal Blade) CD
Tiny Vipers, "Hands Across The Void" (Sub Pop) CD
UNKLE, "War Stories" (Red Ink) CD
John Vanderslice, "Emerald City" (Barsuk) CD
Lorri Zimmerman, "Lori Zimmerman" (Shadoks Music) CD
V/A, "A Visit to the Spaceship Factory" (Psychic Circle) CD
V/A, "Normoton Gold" (Normoton) CD
V/A, "Who Needs Tomorrow?" (Psychic Circle) CD