7/29/2007 - 8/4/2007

The temp is high and the flow is low but there's still new stuff to look for this week including releases from Alan Vega, Smog, Zombie Nation, and Genaro.


The 1990's, "Cookies" (Rough Trade) CD
Clutch, "Slow Hole To China" (Season Of Mist) CD
Drrtyhaze, "Beat to Def EP" (Tirk) 12"
Dying Fetus, "Killing On Adrenaline" (Season Of Mist) CD
Extrawelt, "Doch Doch Remixe Pt 2" (Traum) 12"
Fog, "Ditherer" (Lex) CD
Genaro, "Genaro" (Benbecula) CD
Justus Kohnicke vs. Prins Thomas, "Justus Kohncke vs. Prins Thomas" (Kompakt) 12"
Radio Slave, "Screaming Hands" (Rekids) 12"
Josh Rouse, "Country Mouse City House" (Nettwerk) CD
Shivaree, "Mating Calls And Fighting Songs" (Rounder) CD
Sorcerer, "White Magic" (Tirk) CD
Tokyo Rose, "The Promise In Compromise" (Sidecho) CD
Alan Vega, "Station" (Mute) CD
Zombie Nation, "Peace & Greed Remixes" (UKW) 12"