8/6/2006 - 8/12/2006

It's a vibrant week for new releases as new things are due out in stores this week from Comets On Fire, Daughters, Cursive, and Blood Money. Also look for reissues by Caribou, The Flame, Toby Dammit, and Ryoji Ikeda.


AUGUST 7th, 2006
Clearlake - It's getting Light Outside 7" (Domino, UK)

AUGUST 8th, 2006

Eric Bachmann - To The Races CD (Saddle Creek, US)
Jonas Bering - Lost Paradise 12" (Kompakt, DE)
Blood Money - Axis of Blood CD (Killer Pimp, US)
Gui Boratto/Oxia - Speicher 38 12" (Kompakt, DE)
Steve Bug - Bugnology 2 CD (Poker Flat, DE)
*Caribou (formerly released as Manitoba) - Start Breaking My Heart 2xCD (Leaf, UK)
*Caribou (formerly released as Manitoba) - Up In Flames 2xCD (Leaf, UK)
Comets On Fire - Avatar CD (Sub Pop, US)
Cursive - Happy Hollow LP/CD (Saddle Creek, US)
*Toby Dammit -The Legend of Apple Jack DVD/CD (Hit Thing, FR)
Daughters - Hell Songs CD (Hydra Head, US)
*The Flame - The Flame CD (Fallout, UK)
*Fresh Maggots - Fresh Maggots LP (Sunbeam, IT)
*Human Beinz - Evolutions CD (Fallout, UK)
I:Cube - Live at the Planetarium CD (Versatile, FR)
*Ryoji Ikeda - +/- CD (Touch, UK)
Jab Mica Och El - ABC Hej I'm Cola CD (Ache, CA)
The Lotterboys - Iron Man 12" (Eskimo, DE)
Magda - She's a Dancing Machine CD (Minus, US)
Martin Landsky - 1000 Miles/Loci Dice Rmx 12" (Poker Flat, DE)
Maderfotor - Detonation VI 12" (Ware, UK)
Noze - How To Dance EP 12" (Circus Company, DE)
Booka Shade - In White Rooms EP Vol. 2 12" (Get Physical, FR)
Guido Schneider - Focus On 2xLP/CD (Poker Flat, DE)
Seba - Don't Wanna Lose You/Morning Glory 12" (Combination, UK)
Ran Slavin - Insomniac City DVD+CD (Mille Plateaux, DE)
*Terry Smith - Fall Out LP (Sundazed, US)
*Meic Stevens - Rain In The Leaves: The EPs, Volume 1 CD (Sunbeam, IT)
*Synanthesia - Synanthesia LP (Sundazed, US)
*Thorinshield - Thorinshield CD (Fallout, UK)
Mia Doi Todd - Pink Sun CD EP (Plug Research, US)
2UP - Teenage Mondo Trash CD (Ache, CA)
Various Artists - Dirt Crew: The First Chapter CD (Dirt Crew, DE)
Various Artists - Fuzzy-Felt Folk CD/LP (Trunk, UK)
Various Artists - Versatile Hot Shots CD (Versatile, FR)
*Ray Warleigh - Ray Warleigh's First Album CD (Sunbeam, IT)
*Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit, and Greenhill - The Unwritten Works of Geoffrey, Etc. CD (Fallout, UK)