9/10/2006 - 9/16/2006

This is one of those new release weeks that people wait for all year.  Look for new product in stores this week from Sandro Perri (Polmo Polpo), Yo La Tengo, Susanna and the Magical Orchestra, Derek Bailey, Tara Jane O'Neil, Hella, Console, Mouse On Mars, Magnolia Electric Co., and the Album Leaf; as well as vault releases from Fad Gadget, KMFDM, Lowlife, and more.


SEPTEMBER 11th, 2006
Derek Bailey - To Play: The Blemish Sessions CD (Samadhisound, UK)
Eric Chenaux - Dull Lights LP/CD (Constellation, UK)
Fad Gadget - Fad Gadget by Frank Tovey 2xDVD/CD (Mute, UK)
Sandro Perri - Plays Polmo Polpo LP/CD (Constellation, UK)
Susanna and the Magical Orchestra - Melody Mountain CD (Rune Grammofon, NO)
Various Artists - Bip Hop Generation vol. 8 (Bip Hop, FR)
James Yorkston - Steady As She Goes 7" (Domino, UK)

SEPTEMBER 12th, 2006
The Album Leaf - Into The Blue Again CD (Sub Pop, US)
Argy - La Passion 12" (Poker Flat, DE)
*Ariesta Birawa Group - Vol. 1 (Shadocks, UK)
*Blops - Blops 3xCD (Sadocks, UK)
The Brother Kite - Waiting for the Time to be Right CD (Clairecords, US)
Richard Buckner - Meadow CD (Merge, US)
*Brush - Brush CD (Shadocks, UK)
Cassy - Panorama Bar 01 CD (Ostgut, DE)
Chloe & Sascha Funke - Bpitch Control Collective 2 12" (Bpitch Control, DE)
Console - Mono LP/CD (Disko B, DE)
Corbett vs. Dempsey Gallery - Eye & Ear CD (Atavistic, US)
* Cul de Sac - ECIM CD (Strange Attractors, US)
*Dawn Wind - Looking Back On the Future CD (Sunbeam, US)
Dead Moon - Echoes of the Past CD (Sub Pop, US)
Edu K - Hot Mama 12" (Man, UK)
Page France - Hello, Dear Wind CD (Suicide Squeeze, US)
*Gallio/Voerkel/Frey - Tiegel CD (Atavistic, US)
*The Gentle Rain - Moody CD (Sunbeam, US)
Douglas Greed - Madame C. 12" (Freude Am Tanzen, DE)
Hella - Acoustics CDEP (5, Rue Christine, US)
The Isles - Perfumed Lands LP/CD (Melodic, UK)
Kaos & Sal P - Collectors Series Pt. 2: Danse, Gravité Zéro CD (Faith, DE)
*KMFDM - UAIOE CD (Metropolis, US)
*KMFDM - What Do You Know, Deutschland? CD (Metropolis, US)
*KMFDM - Don't Blow Your Top CD (Metropolis, US)
*Steve Lacy Quintet - Esteem CD (Atavistic, US)
Larsson - Automat 12" (Bpitch Control, DE)
The Low Lows - Fire on the Bright Sky CD (Warm Records, US)
*Lowlife - Godhead CD (LTM, UK)
*Lowlife - San Antorum CD (LTM, UK)
Luci - Rapatapaton 12" (Mutek, CA)
Magnolia Electric Co. - Fading Trails LP/CD (Secretly Canadian, US)
The Master Musicians of Joujouka - Boujeloud CD (Sub Rosa, BE)
Eric Matthews - Foundation Sounds CD (Empyrean, US)
*Michele - Saturn Rings LP (Fallout, US)
Minimum Chips - Lady Grey CD (Moteer, AU)
Mossa - Some Eat It Raw CD (Circus Company, CA)
Mouse On Mars - Varcharz CD (Ipecac, US)
Mud Max - Zampone is Dead 12" (Ware, UK)
Now It's Overhead - Dark Light Daybreak CD (Saddle Creek, US)
Tara Jane Oneil - In Circles - CD (Touch & Go, US)
Donna Parker - Debutante LP (Twisted Village, US)
Slumber Party - Musik CD (Kill Rock Stars, US)
Tall Birds - Internalize 7" (Sub Pop, US)
Ryan Teague - Coins & Crosses CD (Type, UK)
These Arms Are Snakes - Horse Girl/Old Paradise 7" (Suicide Squeeze, US)
Rafael Toral - Space CD (Staubgold, DE)
Touane - Spree Baptism EP 12" (Persona, DE)
Two Ton Boa - Parasiticide CD (Kill Rock Stars, US)
Various - Shitkatapult Empfiehlt! 12" (Shitkatapult, DE)
*Jaki Wethren - Raw But Tender CD (Sunbeam, US)
*Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit, and Greenhill - The Unwritten Works of Geoffrey, Etc. LP (Fallout, US)
Xiu Xiu - The Air Force LP/CD (5, Rue Christine, US)
Yo La Tengo - I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass CD/LP (Matador, US)
Young Widows - Settle Down City CD (Jade Tree, US)