9/23/2007 - 9/29/2007

As September nears its close we're blessed with new titles from Damon & Naomi, Stars, Devendra Banhart, Múm, PJ Harvey, Jandek, Fennesz, Magik Markers, and couple of swell folks performing some Stockhausen. There are a bunch of reissues as well including Laibach, Moby Grape, the No Neck Blues Band, MC5, James Cotton, Michael Yonkers, and a heapin' helpin' of reissues by Cluster. As always, there's plenty more to check out after the jump. 

*Laibach, "Nova Akropola" (Cherry Red) CD

Sandro Perri, "Tiny Mirrors" (Constellation) LP/CD
The Royal We, "All The Rage" (Domino) Digital/7"
Jakob Skøtt, Rasmus Rasmussen, Jonas Munk, "September" (Benbecula) CD

Adam Sky vs. Mark Stewart, "We Are All Prostitutes" (Exploited) 12"
Matias Aguayo, "A Night at the Tilehouse" (Soul Jazz) 12"
Lucio Aquilina, "Feeling Plastik" (Trapez) 12"
Devendra Banhart, "Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon" Digital/CD/Deluxe CD/2xLP (XL Recordings)
Basteroid, "Upset Ducks" (Areal Records) CD/2xLP
Lisa Bielawa, "A Handful of World" (Tzadik) CD
The Bird and the Bee, "Please Clap Your Hands" (Blue Note) CD
The Bled, "Silent Treatment" (Vagarant) CD
Bloodcount, "Seconds" (Screwgun) 2xCD+DVD
Pepe Bradock, "Sakura Incident" (Atavisme) 12"
Pieta Brown, "Remember The Sun" (One Little Indian US) Digital/CD
Birdie Busch, "Penny Arcade" (Bar/None) CD
Capgun Coup, "Brought To You By Nebraska Fish" (Team Love) CD
The Casualties, "Made In NYC" (Side One Dummy) CD
The Cave Singers, "Invitation Songs" (Matador) CD/LP
Sylvain Chauveau, "S." (Type) CD/10"
Climax Golden Twins, "5 Cents A Piece" (Abduction) LP
Cluster, "Box Set Part 1" (Captain Trip) 6xCD
*Cluster, "'71" (Captain Trip) CD
*Cluster, "Sowiesoso" (Captain Trip) CD
*Cluster, "Grosses Wasser" (Captain Trip) CD
*Cluster, "Curiosum" (Captain Trip) CD
*James Cotton Blues Band, "Pure Cotton" (Lilith) CD
CSS, "As, Bs, Rarities" (Caroline) CD
John Dählback, "Years Behind" (Pickadoll Music) 12"
Damon & Naomi, "Within These Walls" (20/20/20) CD
Digitaline, "Honolulu" (Cadenza) 12"
Dirt Crew, "Places/Deep (We Are)" (Dirt Crew) 12"
Dirt Crew, "Coming For You/Big Bad City" (Dirt Crew) 12"
Orion Rigel Dommisse,"What I Want From You Is Sweet" (Language of Stone/Drag City) CD
The Dragons, "BFI" (Ninja Tune) LP/CD
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill, "Retrun of the Supercops" (Echo Beach) CD
Steve Earle, "Washington Square" (New West) CD
Nancy Elizabeth, "Battle and Victory" (Leaf) LP/CD
Enkidu, "Live in Kyoto" (Locust) 2xLP
Farewell, "Isn't This Supposed to Be Fun?!" (Epitaph) CD
Fennesz, "Hotel Paral.let" (Editions Mego) CD
Feu Therese, "Ça Va Cogner" (Constellation) CD/LP
40 Thieves, "Buzz City/Buzz City Dub" (Redux) 12"
Erik Friedlander, "Volac: Book Of Angels Vol. 8" (Tzadik) CD
Burnt Friedman, "First Night Forever" (Nonplace) CD/2xLP
Sascha Funke, "The Acrobat" (BPitch Control) 12"
Stefan Goldmann, "Lunatic Fringe/The Bribe" (Macro Recordings) 12"
*Burton Greene Trio, "On Tour" (ESP/Abraxas) CD
Peter Grummich, "Fresh Air For Fresh People" (Karloff) 12"
PJ Harvey, "White Chalk" (Island) CD
Hrsta, "Ghosts Will Come And Kiss Our Eyes" (Constellation) CD/LP
The Intelligence, "Deuteronomy" (In the Red) LP/CD
Iron & Wine, "Shepherd's Dog" (Sub Pop) CD/LP
Jandek, "Brooklyn Wednesday" (Corwood Industries) 4xCD
Dan Kaufman, "Force of Light" (Tzadik) CD
Kites, "Hallucination Guillotine" (Load) CD
Klangmutationen, "Weiβe Messe" (Holy Mountain) LP
*Peter Lemer Quintet, "Local Colour" (ESP/Abraxas)
The Lemonheads, "Best Of The Lemonheads: The Atlantic Years" (Rhino) CD
Loney, Dear, "Sologne" (Rebel Group) CD
L.S.B., "Original Highway Delight" (Eskimo) 12"
*Lycia, "Cold" (Silber) Digital/CD
Magik Markers, "Boss" (Ecstatic Peace) CD
Magnum 38, "Old Europe Strikes Back" (Musick) CD
*MC5, "Live at the Grande Ballroom 1968" (Get Back) CD
*MC5, "Live at the Saginaw Civic Center, January 1st 1970" (Get Back) CD
Michaela Melian, "Convention Manifesto" (Monika) 12"
*Moebius & Beerbohm, "Strange Music" (Captain Trip) CD
*Moebius & Beerbohm, "Double Cut" (Captain Trip) CD
*Moby Grape, "Live Grape" (Akarma) CD
Modeselektor, "Happy Birthday!" (BPitch Control) 2xLP
Modeselektor feat. Puppetmastaz, "The Dark Side of the Sun" (BPitch Control) 12"
Motiivi:Tuntematon, "Speicher 46" (Kompakt) 12"
Mountain Home, "S/T" (Language of Stone/Drag City) CD
Mouthus, "Saw A Halo" (Load) CD
Múm, "Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy" (Fat Cat) CD/Deluxe CD/2xLP
Murcof, "Cosmos" (Leaf) 3xLP/CD
Mwvm, "Rotations" (Silber) CD
My Cat Is An Alien, "Il Segno" (Starlight Furniture) CD
Marianne Nowottny, "What Is She Doing?" (Abaton Book Company) CD
Harris Newman, "Decorated" (Strange Attractors Audio House) CD
*No Neck Blues Band, "Meets the Clear People with Myster Gypped..." (Locust) CD
Ost & Kjex, "Boston Food Strangler/Bleu de Vache" (Snick Snack) 12"
Jurgen Paape/Tom Pooks, "Speicher 45" (Kompakt) 12"
Pan-Pot feat. Hugh Betcha, "Charly" (Mobilee) 12"
Evan Parker & Ned Rothenberg, "Live at the Roulette" (Animul Records) CD
Pearlfishers, "Up With The Larks" (Marina) CD
Pheek, "Magda Had A Little Troll" (Roman Photo) 12"
Quio, "Phiu!" (AGF Produktion) CD
Raudive, "Zeitgeist EP" (Poker Flat) 12"
Ethan Rose, "Spinning Pieces" (Locust) CD
*Mitch Ryder, "The Detroit-Memphis Experience" (Lilith (Russian Federation)) CD
Rob Sonic, "Sabotage Gigante" (Def Jux) CD
Saikoss, "Kossaiko" (Mule Electronic) CD
Seiji feat. MC Dolores, "Funk Mundial #4 (Todo Mundo)" (Man Recordings) 12"
Shinedoe/Ron Trent, "Dialogue/Feel the Rhythm" (Music Man) 12"
Silmaril, "The Voyage of Icarus" (Locust) 2xLP
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill, "Return of the Supercops" (Echo Beach) CD
Stars, "In Our Bedroom After the War" (Arts & Crafts) CD
Nicholas Stefan & Jurgen Potzkoten, "Musik Bringt Freundschaft" (My Best Friend) 12"
Karlheinz Stockhausen, "Bass Clarinet & Piano" (MDG Scene) CD
Supermayer, "Save the World" (Kompakt) CD/2xLP
TBA aka Tusia Beridze, "Size and Tears" (MaxErnst) 2xCD
TBA aka Tusia Beridze, "The Other" (MaxErnst) CD
*Telegraph Avenue, "S/T" (Get Back) CD
Telephone Jim Jesus, "Anywhere Out of the Everything" (Anticon) LP/CD
Territory Band, "Collide" (Okka Disk) CD
Tigerskin, "Push the Patton" (Dirt Crew) 12"
Ricardo Tobar, "El Sunset" (Border Community) 12"
Toby Tobias, "Steel Bells" (Tiny Sticks) 12"
Tunng, "Good Arrows" (Thrill Jockey) CD/Deluxe CD/LP+MP3
Two Gallants,"S/T" (Saddle Creek) CD/LP
230 Divisadero, "S/T" (Locust) CD
Peter Visti, "Paraglide/Berlin" (Eskimo) 12"
The Weakerthans, "Reunion Tour" (Epitaph) CD/LP
White Shoes & The Couple Company, "S/T" (Minty Fresh) CD
Wiley, "Playtime Is Over" (Big Dada) 2xLP/CD
Wooden Ships, "s/t&