9/25/2011 - 10/1/2011

New music is due this week from James Blackshaw, Merzbow, Eleh, and Wolfgang Voigt as well as reissues from Tangerine Dream, and Arthur Russell

Crock, "Grok" (Jackpot) LP
KRTS, "Hold On" (Project Moon Circle) LP
Akira Sakata & Jim O'Rourke with Chikamorachi, "And that's the Story of Jazz" (Family Vineyard) 2xCD
Merzbow, "Dead Zone" (Quasi Pop) CD
Sleep Over, "Forever" (Hippos in Tanks) LP
*Tangerine Dream, "Alpha Centauri" (Esoteric) CD

Aerea Negrot, "Arabxilla" (BPitch Control) CD
Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band, "Rubber Orchestras" (Heavenly Sweetness) 2xLP
Apparat, "The Devil's Walk" (Mute) CD
Ayshay, "Warn-U" (Tri Angle) CD/EP
Balkansky, "The Temple" (Ohm Resistance) CD
Barr Brothers, "Barr Brothers" (Secret City) CD
Big Troubles, "Romantic Comedy" (Slumberland) CD/LP
Boom Bip, "Zig Zaj" (Lex) CD/LP
Elliott Brood, "Northern Air" (Paper Bag) CD
Bullion, "You Drive Me to Plastic" (Young Turks) CD/LP
Nadine Carina, "Magic Box" (Strattmusik) CD
The Caseworker, "Letters from the Coast" (Hidden Shoal) CD
The City of Horses, "We Will Never Be Discovered" (Paper Garden) CD
Cuttooth, "Elements" (Psychonavigation) CD
Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer, "In A Place Of Such Graceful Shapes" (12k) CD+7"
Djin Aquarian, "Destiny Of Aquarius" (Global Recording Artists) CD
DJ Shadow, "The Less You Know the Better" (Verve Forecast) CD/LP
Dominant Legs, "Invitation" (Leftse) LP
Jan Driver, "Amatilda" (Boysnoize) CD
Dum Dum Girls, "Only in Dreams" (Sub Pop) CD/LP
Taylor Duepree & Marcus Fischer, "In Place of Such Graceful Shapes" (12k) 7"/CD
*Echo & the Bunnymen, "Ocean Rain" (1972) LP
*Echo & the Bunnymen, "Porcupine" (1972) LP
Mats Eilertsen, "SkyDive" (Hubro) CD/LP
The Embassy, "Life in the Trenches" (Service) LP
Extra Classic, "Your Light Like White Lightning, Your Light Like a Laser Beam" (Manimal Vinyl) CD/LP
Far Out Fangtooth, "Pure & Disinterested" (Siltbreeze) LP
The Free Spirits, "Live At The Scene: February 22nd 1967" (Wayside) CD
Brian Grainger & Orick, "Children Of The Hill" (Attack 9) 2x7"
Gem Club, "Breakers" (Hardly Art) CD/LP
Philipp Gorbachev, "In The Delta" (Cómeme) 12"
Lene Grenager, "Affinis Suite" (+3db) CD
Daryl Hall, "Laughing Down Crying" (Verve) CD
Harmonizer, "World Complete" (Mexican Summer) EP
Heck, "Avengers" (Hymen) CD/CD boxset
Tobias Hellkvist, "Kaskelot" (Tokyo Droning) Ltd CD
jbjh (Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry), "Spc" (Tokyo Droning) Ltd CD
J-Live, "S.P.T.A." (Triple Threat Media) CD
Wizz Jones, "Huldenberg Blues" (Sunbeam/Forced Exposure) CD
Josh / Jules Und Jazper, "Achtuntwintig" (Ostwind) 12"
Kaiserdisco, "Zouk Ep" (My Best Friend) 12"
*Cem Karaca, "Kardaslar & Apaslar" (Guerssen) CD
Kasabian, "Velociraptor" (RCA) CD
Kitchen's Floor, "Look Forward to Nothing" (Siltbreeze) LP
KWJAZ, "KWJAZ" (Not Not Fun) LP
Tobias Lilja, "Delirium Portraits" (n5MD) CD
Machine Head, "Unto the Locust" (Roadrunner) CD
Mark McGuire, "Get Lost" (Editions Mego) LP
Dan Mangan, "Oh Fortune" (Arts & Crafts) CD/LP
Aaron Martin & Justin Wright, "Light Poured Out Of Our Bones" (Preservation) CD
Jasmina Maschina, "Alphabet Dream Noise" (Staubgold) CD/LP
Mekons, "Ancient & Modern" (Sin) CD
Tanner Menard, "Dark Pianos" (Tokyo Droning) Ltd CD
Nickolas Mohanna, "Reflectors" (Preservation) CD
Obake, "Obake" (Rarenoise Records) CD
*Offthesky, "Fluorescence" (Tokyo Droning) Ltd CD
Ohbijou, "Metal Meets" (Last Gang) CD
Ohbijou, "Metal Meets" (Last Gang) CD
Bill Orcutt, "How The Thing Sings" (Editions Mego) CD
Pachanga Boys, "Thanks For Nothing" (Hippie Dance) 12"
Plaid, "Scintilli" (Warp) CD/LP
*Quicksand, "Home Is Where I Belong" (Esoteric) CD
Rangers, "Pan Am Stories" (Not Not Fun) LP
Ravi Shanker, "That Which Colours The Mind" (él) CD
Red Stars Over Tokyo, "Hits Of Sunshine" (Hot Hair) miniLP
Resoe, "The Black Void Of Space Ep 00/2" (Echocord) 12"
Robedoor, "Down to Die" (Not Not Fun) LP
Roll The Dice, "In Dust" (Leaf) CD/2xLP+CD
Roots Manuva, "4everevolution" (Big Dada) CD/LP
*Arthur Russell, "Let's Go Swimming" (Audika) LP
Sarah Slean, "Land & Sea" (Pheromone) 2CD
Spank Rock, "Everything Is Boring and Everyone is a Fucking Liar" (Bad Blood) CD/LP
Soley, "We Sink" (Morr Music) CD/2xLP
Strategy, "The Fixer" (Endless Flight) 12"
Matthew Sweet, "Modern Art" (Missing Piece) CD
Swiftumz, "Don’t Trip" (Holy Mountain) LP
Syntaks, "Nachtblende" (Parallax Sounds) CD
Tunabunny, "Minima Moralia" (Happy Birthday to Me) LP
Tropics, "Parodia Flare" (Planet Mu) CD/LP
Twin Sister, "In Heaven" (Domino) CD
Damian Valles, "Skeleton Taxa" (Drifting Falling) CD
VHS or Beta, "Diamonds and Death" (Varese Sarabande) CD
Wolfgang Voigt, "Endlich / Unendlich" (Protest) 12"
Walls, "Coracle" (Kompakt) CD+LP
Warm Digits, "Keep Warm... with the Warm Digits" (Distraction) 2xLP
Watery Love, "Die With Dignity / Leave Me Alone" (Siltbreeze) 7"
Wilco, "The Whole Love" (dBpm) CD/LP
Wintercoats, "Sketches" (Cascine) EP
[V/A], "Golden Beirut: New Sounds From Lebanon" (Out Here) CD
[V/A], "Japan 3/11/11: A Benefit Album" (Polyvinyl) 2xLP

James Blackshaw, "Holly EP" (Important Records) LP
Eleh, "Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis (Important Records) 3xCD