9/9/2001 - 9/16/2001

4 Hero - Creating Patterns CD/LP (Talkin Loud, UK)
Barry Adamson - Nothing Hill CD/LP (Mute, UK)
Broadway Project - For The One 2x7" (Memphis Industries, UK)
I Am Robot and Proud - The Catch CD (Catmobile, UK)
Anita Lane - Sex O'Clock CD (Mute, UK)
MÏm - Please Smile My Noise Bleed CD/LP [remix album with mixes by Isan, Phonem, Christian Kleine, Arovane & B. Fleischmann] (Morr Music, Germany)
Printed Circuit - Reprints CD [remix album with mixes by Frederik Schikowski, Lesser, I Am Robot And Proud, CK Dexter Haven, Random Number, Fingernail, Figurine and more] (Catmobile, UK)
Spiritualized - Let It Come Down CD/LP (Spaceman, UK)


Chemical Brothers - It Began In Afrika 12" (Astralwerks, US)
Techno Animal - Brotherhood Of The Bomb CD/2xLP (Matador, US)


Various - Jenetic vs Blueface CD (Jenetic/Blueface, UK)