a mix for a friend

  1. Jan Jelinek, ""Moiré (Piano & Organ)
  2. Alarm Will Sound, ""Fingerbib""
  3. Alberto Mwamosi & Gabriel Bita, ""Watasala Warila Nanzifile""
  4. Sanso-Xtro, ""Unsentimental""
  5. Astrobrite, ""Crushed""
  6. Autechre, ""Rettic AC""
  7. Department of Eagles, ""Noam Chomsky Spring Break 2002""
  8. Colleen, ""Ritournelle""
  9. The Konki Duet, ""Il Fait Tout Gris""
  10. Gonzales, ""Overnight""
  11. Paavoharju, ""Uskallan""
  12. Boards of Canada, ""Sequoia""
  13. Grouper, ""Heart Current""
  14. Bogdan Raczynski, ""myloveilove [track 8]""
  15. Tyrannosaurus Rex, ""Child Star""
  16. Valet, ""Fire""
  17. Lubos Fiser, ""Brother and Sister""
  18. Hanne Hukkelberg, ""Do Not As I Do""
  19. Edith Piaf, ""Hymne À l'Amour""
  20. Amina, ""Bl√°skj√°r""

Thomas Meluch, musician, Benoit Pioulard
Portland, OR, USA

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