Achim Wollscheid, "Resolving Interactions"

Wollscheid might be best known for his musical work with P16.D4, Merzbow, or Asmus Tietchens, but in fact this is already the his third book, presented both in English and German. With this attractively-designed 100 page paperback, he draws a resume from 7 years work on an interactive computer-light installation piece in an public space; the district court in Frankfurt am Main. Everything is documented, from the original concept up to the final realization in a different building, all the technical difficulties, concluding with the writing of the book. Plenty of photographs are included (10 color, 43 blue-on-white), from a ceiling light piece to a light-flooded floor. In addition, explanations are thoroughly presented in a very understandable manner, both technically and conceptually.
Wollscheid says, "I'm convinced that contemporary artistic work which includes electronic data-processing has to be interactive, it should at least implicitly employ the repertoire of interactive processes and concepts." As with any good experimental art, questions are raised. What I'm wondering now is what practical use could develop out of the human / data-processing interface and where will it lead to ?