Arboreal Leavings

  1. As X Is To Geff - THBC "Amulet"
  2. Track 1 - Tuluum Shimmering "River Gods Strike Tuned Bronze Flowers"
  3. Sunshine Cake - Tiny Tim "For All My Little Friends"
  4. Sataan Is Real - Terminal Cheesecake "Pearlesque Kings Of The Jewmost"
  5. Absorbed In The Bright Land - Super Minerals "Multitudes"
  6. Get Low - Sun Araw "Heavy Deeds"
  7. J3z - Soisong "xAj3z"
  8. Sunbone - Natural Snow Buildings "Shadow Kingdom"
  9. Nightingale - Jacki-O Motherfucker "Ballads Of The Revolution"

sent in by
Larry Terrell
Montgomery AL

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