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  1. A Consort of Viols dir. by Safford Cape. Heinrich Isaac: Helas
  2. Sixtine Chapel Choir dir. by Montsignor Rella. Vittoria: Tenebrae factea sunt
  3. Les Paraphonistes de Saint-Jean-des-Matines. Josquin Despres: Deux Chansons
  4. Cecile Dolmetsch. John Dowland: Awake Sweet Love
  5. Max Meili. Blondel de Nestel: A l'entrant d'esté
  6. Arnold and Rudolph Dolmetsch. Kevin Norcome: Divisions On A Ground
  7. Max Meili. Richard Coeur-de-Lion: Ja nuns hons pris
  8. Rudolph Dolmetsch. Giles Farnaby: His Toye, His Dreame, His Rest
  9. The St. George Singers. John Fornsete: Sumer Is I-cumen In
  10. The Dolmetsch Family. Thomas Weelkes: Fantasy For A Chest of Viols
  11. The Kings Singers. William Byrd: Evening Hymn
  12. La Societe Pro Musica Antiqua du Bruxelles. Guillaume Duffay: Adieux mon amour

Stephan Mathieu
Schafbruecke, Germany

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