1. Judy Collins, ""Send in the Clowns""
  2. Jack Nitzche, ""We Have to Stay (demo)""
  3. Ennio Morricone, ""Addio Colonnello""
  4. Dennis Wilson, ""Love Remember Me""
  5. Skeeter Davis, ""Sunglasses""
  6. Gonzales, ""Gogol (instrumental""
  7. Mark Isham featuring Miri Ben-Ari, ""Anne Frank""
  8. Orchestra and Chorus, ""Possession (from the suite Perfume Set To Music)""
  9. Fred Neil, ""Little Bit of Rain
  10. Antionio Adolfo, ""Venice (1977)""
  11. Xavier Cugat, ""Perfidia""
  12. Roberta Flack, ""Ballad of the Sad Young Men""
  13. Blaze Foley, ""Clay Pigeons""
  14. Talk Talk, ""It's Getting Late in the Evening""
  15. J. Van Heusen, ""Here's That Rainy Day""

Brian McBride,
Stars of the Lid, etc...

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