1. together "hardcore uproar" (ffrr)
  2. mental cube "q" (debut)
  3. sinewave "sinewave" (chill)
  4. the scientist "spiral symphony" (kickin)
  5. sweet exorcist "testfour" (warp)
  6. lfo "what is house (lfo rmx)" (warp)
  7. eon "the spice must flow" (vinyl solution)
  8. n-joi "adrenalin" (deconstruction)
  9. altern 8 "infiltrate 202 (astrix & space mix)" (network)
  10. unique 3 "activity" (10)
  11. shades of rhythm "sweet sensation" (ztt)
  12. x-pansions "move your body" (optimism)
  13. manix "feel real good" (reinforced)
  14. nino "the future of latin" (production house)

Ulrich Schnauss

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