1. Nyam Nyam, "Fate/Hate"
  2. Giorgio Moroder, "First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love"
  3. Lisa Lisa, "I Wonder If I Take You Home"
  4. Kraftwerk, "Home Computer"
  5. Trinere, "All Night"
  6. Afrika Bambaataa, "Planet Rock"
  7. Egyptian Lover, "Egypt Egypt"
  8. 808 State, "Blue Monday"
  9. Information Society,  "Running"
  10. Paul Hardcastle, "19"
  11. Adonis, "No Way Back"
  12. Jellybean, "Sidewalk Talk"

Ellen Abbott
St. Paul, MN

Make everyone a "Mix CD" for our virtual Mix CD Exchange Party and send the tracklist to mixcd at brainwashed. Tell us who you are, where you are, and anything else!