Forced Exposure New Releases for 9/29/2014

New music is due from Chris Herbert, Anthroprophh, Anstam, and Tape while old music is due from Eliane Radigue, Surgeon, Gregory Isaacs, and Claude Debussy.


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ENFANT, JP: Echoes of You EP 12" (ARTLESS 2189EP) 14.00
The next techno adventure on Mojuba sub-label a.r.t.less is ready to launch. This release is the shimmering debut by JP Enfant aka Jean Pierre Enfant, one of the initiators of the well-respected LET (Les Enfants Terribles) crew from Amsterdam and established Trouw resident. This EP hits you with three unique techno tracks fully charged with emotions. You can't help it but think of the early golden years of techno and things like Selected Ambient Works 85-92 by Aphex Twin, B12, Stasis or Kirk Degiorgio, so check it out.


AA 4128LP

SLY & ROBBIE: King Tubby's Dance Hall Dub: Middle East Dub LP (AA 4128LP) 11.00
On olive green marbled vinyl. Recorded at Stone River Studios; featuring "From the Grass Dub", "Middle East Dub", "Asian Roots Dub", "Flight Of Africa Dub".



BERROCAL, JAC: Priere 10" PIC DISC (ALGA 018LP) 38.50
2004 release. Alga Marghen is currently working on the CD edition of Jac Berrocal's Catalogue, which will include the original LP material as well as several new and historical recordings. The true Catalog of Berrocal! It was decided to produce a 10" picture disc with some precious tracks that for one reason or another will not appear on the CD. "L'union Libre," a famous poem by the surrealist master André Breton, here in a multiple-superimposition version of the wonderful voice of Jacques Doyen and the music by Jac Berrocal recorded in 1985; "Priere," text by Antonin Artaud spoken by Berrocal himself, including excerpts from "Voyage au bord de la ville," a very abstract and dissonant track with music by Berrocal, Gilbert Artman and Jack Belsen, recorded in Paris, 2003; "A Satanic Prayer," an almost ritual-dub recording created in Warszawa, Poland, in 2002; and the catchy "1555," a classic piece by Berrocal featuring very pure trumpet solos with a background collage of distant, heavily-treated and distorted sounds. Private edition of 250 copies only.


DUFRENE, FRANÇOIS: François Dufrêne Book w/CD (ALGA 024CD) 62.00
2007 release. François Dufrêne (1930-1982) is one of the leading artists from the post-War European and French art scene. He played a key role in many of the initiatives of Lettrism, Nouveau Réalisme and sound poetry. In François Dufrêne's oeuvre, art and poetry intersect in a reciprocal experimentation of the possibilities of transgression of their specific grammars. His oeuvre constitutes a singular example of this special relationship between art and language, which throughout the 20th century proved to be one of the most fertile grounds for expanding the limits seemingly imposed on Western art via the history of artistic genres. Many of his artistic creations use objects retrieved from the urban context, such as posters or stencils, or use the voice in non-linguistic contexts. Examples of the latter include his creation of the crirhythm, wherein he reinvented sound poetry and the relationship between performance and text. The present release attempts to present François Dufrêne's work as a totality, wherein it would be artificial to separate his status as a poet from that as a visual artist. Poems, books, records, recordings, reverse sides of posters, stencils, films and photographs documenting the artist's actions are combined together in a mosaic that makes it possible to reinterpret François Dufrêne's work as one of the most singular adventures of his epoch, and also re-evaluate the relevance of the challenges he posed to contemporary culture. This album includes the fantastic crirhythm from 1970 titled "Belle nuisances hantez nos nuits," the complete "Osmose-Art" from 1969 where crirhythms are superimposed to classical music, "Eryximaque" and two "Lecture-collage" from 1965 as well as the 1958-70 "Comptinuum." All the sound works presented on the CD are also included in the 4LP boxset anthology issued by Alga Marghen and titled Oeuvre Désintégrale. Full color catalog in A4 size, 250 pages, all texts translated in English, French and Portuguese. The book includes a large selection of
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