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AG 130LP
PRICE: $20.50
CAT #: AG 130LP
PIG SWEAT Don't Panic LP
Straight forward in your face hardcore punk from this fresh band from Bern, Switzerland. Pig Sweat will bring you back to 1981 Washington DC or Boston with their direct blend of hardcore. They sharpened their knives after their amazing debut self-titled LP released in 2020 and are gonna rip you with these ten tracks of absolute relentless aggressiveness. Edition of 300.
PRICE: $28.50
CAT #: NMN 170LP
RADIGUE, ELIANE In Memoriam-Ostinato / Danse des Dakinis LP
Alga Marghen presents the last chapter from the Feedback Works documentation series, a brand-new LP including "In Memoriam-Ostinato" and "Danse des Dakinis", two previous unreleased tracks by Eliane Radigue. Among the works of fixed duration from the feedback period, "In Memoriam-Ostinato" is the link between "Jouet Electronique" (ALGA 029LP) and "Opus 17" (ALGA 045LP), and allows you to understand the evolution of her approach. "In Memoriam-Ostinato" is a game of mirroring symbols which glide into a non-measured, bent and elastic, temporality. Eliane Radigue's working method and her aesthetic direction are evident in this work from 1969: her very own unique temporal space of sonic experiences. Even though it bears the same name as the third part of "Adnos III", "Danse des Dakinis" is a peculiar work in Eliane's oeuvre. Conceived in a short time, with all kind of tapes from the composer's past work, it fluently shows a kaleidoscopic vision of Radigue's sensibility for sound. In 1998 she put together a curious self-portrait in sound. There is a feedback ostinato conceived around 1969 and which refers to "In Memoriam-Ostinato" and "Opus 17". All through "Danse des Dakinis" you plunge into the sound of a creek recorded at Mills College campus that brings you back to the field-recordings from the beginning of the 1960s, made on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Such elements construct "Elemental1" (ALGA 029LP) as well. There are also some discreet interventions on the ARP 2500 synthesizer. It is indeed a peculiar work, which doesn't have the same features of her other compositions, especially at that time of her compositional path. There is an explanation for the composer producing this kind of sound material in 1998, and not limited to the sound waves of the ARP synthesizer. Invited to a workshop at Mills College in 1998, Eliane Radigue could not load herself down with her bulky instrument on such a trip. So, she left with just a few tapes taken from her own collection, drawn from different periods, and composed "Danse des Dakinis" with those old elements. There is tension in this composition, a certain wildness, an unpredictability of elements, those which are recognized as fundamental elements, which give structure to the universe. "Dance des Dakinis" is an intimate and wild symphony, alive and unpredictable, which is to be the next-to-last gesture of the composer before completely stopping her work with electronics.
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: TES 169LP
SMEGMA Infringements LP
Alga Marghen's third installment of Smegma's original "Suburban Primitive Avant-folk music" period (1973-1975) based in Pasadena, featuring three previously unreleased tracks from the deep vault of their home recordings. In the beginning, the band Smegma had only one rule. No musicians. Starting from scratch, they took the road much less traveled. They were inspired by outsider musical artists of the time such as John Cage, Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart, Wild Man Fisher, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, etc. and they recorded every experiment with youthful enthusiasm. Mostly they only succeeded in tormenting their own friends and neighbors (except for the few who joined the band) but somehow, they never chose imitation, but stumbles on a path that allowed past (shamanistic) and future (space) sounds to lead the way. The titled track gently pulls you in and carries you off with a way-out inner-mind group jamming/not-jamming trip, featuring prepared piano, modular synthesizer, human mouth sounds, pan pipes, tabla, and electric bass guitar. "Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow" (defiantly not the 1960s pop hit) rips you straight into a high energy New Years Eve Party jam, in a romping free jazz style with stream of consciousness vocals and exuberant alto sax solos. Side B starts with Beatnik finger popping and wild dogs barking from a record player, while breathless flute playing leads you down the rabbit hole of mysterious group vocalizing, including imitating the cry of the wild tropical parrots that lived in the palm trees in the front yard of the house in Pasadena that they had lived in. Always out of sync with their own time, 49 years later these tracks still throb and pulsate Beautifully with their own inner logic. Edition of 230.
BV 278174LP
PRICE: $27.00
CAT #: BV 278174LP
CAVE, NICK Sings More Modern Classics (and Songs from the Silver Screen) LP
Limited restock. The king of alternative pop sings: "Disco 2000", "Let It Be", "Mojo", "The Kiss Of Love", "I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)", "I'm Your Man", "Cosmic Dancer", "Money & Run", "Farewell Song", "Ramblin' Mind", "The Breaking Hands", and "Shine On Me".
PRICE: $27.00
Bang! Records present Crazy Dreams, the unreleased album by Jerry Teel and The Big Stompers. Recorded more than 20 years ago at Funhouse Studio in NYC. The Big City Stompers, led by Jerry Teel and Pauline Teel knew how to mix the hillbilly and country sounds of rural America with the dirty sound of NYC of Jerry Teel's historical membership in bands such as The Chrome Cranks, The Honeymoon Killers, Knoxville Girls... And check this: this record, features The Sadies as a backing band in some tracks. Edition of 600.
PRICE: $27.00
SOLUTION, THE Communicate! LP
Finally reissued on vinyl, this is The Solution's first album, Communicate!, originally released in 2004. Communicate! is the first collaboration between Detroit rock legend Scott Morgan (Rationals, Sonic's Rendezvous Band) and Nicke Royale (The Hellacopters). This album has been long out-of-print and has reached insane prices in the second-hand market. Now it is finally repressed from the original masters and artwork.
BS 073CD
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: BS 073CD
ART OF PRIMITIVE SOUND (W. MAIOLI) Strumenti Musicali Della Preistoria: Il Paleolitico CD
Art Of Primitive Sound is a sensational journey to the origin of music. In his crucial research chapter on the Paleolithic, Walter Maioli between 1986 and 1991 investigates the soundscape of different geographical, climatic, and botanical environments, in which the mystery of the ancient human-nature relationship resides. What emerges is an expanded and unprecedented Paleorganology, with a range of acoustic and natural instruments from all over the world. Rubbing of fossils, animal artifacts, plant elements of all sorts, everything becomes sound and each object opens up forms of imaginary communication, psychic effect and unexplored languages. Whistles, flutes, leaf, and shell rattles, rhombuses, horns, bone pipes, slate slabs, bamboo arches, stones, vertebrae, seeds, stalagtites etc. How great can be the natural orchestra inherent in the spirit of forests, rivers, caves, seas, swamps or Amazon jungles? Thanks to an interdisciplinary partnership (Anthropology, Archaeology, Botany, Ethnomusicology) of collaborating friends, Maioli directs an opera of universal character inspired by the archaic essence of sound and infrasonic dimension.
BS 073LP
PRICE: $27.00
CAT #: BS 073LP
ART OF PRIMITIVE SOUND (W. MAIOLI) Strumenti Musicali Della Preistoria: Il Paleolitico LP
LP version. Art Of Primitive Sound is a sensational journey to the origin of music. In his crucial research chapter on the Paleolithic, Walter Maioli between 1986 and 1991 investigates the soundscape of different geographical, climatic, and botanical environments, in which the mystery of the ancient human-nature relationship resides. What emerges is an expanded and unprecedented Paleorganology, with a range of acoustic and natural instruments from all over the world. Rubbing of fossils, animal artifacts, plant elements of all sorts, everything becomes sound and each object opens up forms of imaginary communication, psychic effect and unexplored languages. Whistles, flutes, leaf, and shell rattles, rhombuses, horns, bone pipes, slate slabs, bamboo arches, stones, vertebrae, seeds, stalagtites etc. How great can be the natural orchestra inherent in the spirit of forests, rivers, caves, seas, swamps or Amazon jungles? Thanks to an interdisciplinary partnership (Anthropology, Archaeology, Botany, Ethnomusicology) of collaborating friends, Maioli directs an opera of universal character inspired by the archaic essence of sound and infrasonic dimension.
BS 074LP
PRICE: $27.00
CAT #: BS 074LP
Everest Magma rediscovers the folk roots of his dreamy alter ego Woodcutter. Once again, he appears as a minstrel crossing moonstruck woods inhabited by gnomes, butterflies, and crawling creatures. Nature is sublimated into a personal alien vision in which a lysergic approach triumphs in the arrangement of sound material and immersive musique concrète. Pure acid-folk fingerpicking communicates directly with the forest's humus, steeped in wild and ethereal moods. Between schizoid or more lyrical moments, a persistent taste for subtle subterranean noises, electric flashes, radio and UFOlogical interferences, deviant scents, and psychological drifts permeates the flow. The abstracting structure of voices and singing expresses the cyclical beingness of living, a decontextualizing dimension of space and time. It's the pantheistic feeling of a parallel naturalistic universe, which also takes cues from the psychedelic eccentricity of Claudio Rocchi's Suoni di Frontiera, the Incredible String Band or Holy Modal Rounders. Co-produced with Maple Death Records.
BLUME 019-20LP
PRICE: $66.00
CAT #: BLUME 019-20LP
Blume Editions announce the long-awaited first-time vinyl pressing of the New York based composer Phill Niblock's seminal Four Full Flutes, restoring the album to the format for which it was originally conceived. Created in collaboration with the flutists Petr Kotik, Susan Stenger, and Eberhard Blum toward the end of the 1970s, the album's four compositions belong to Niblock's radical rethinking of the possibilities and terms of tape music and microtonalism, the effects of which continue to ripple across the field of experimental to this day. Created in full collaboration with the composer with newly commissioned liner notes by Bradford Bailey, David First, few artifacts of minimalism's second wave have proven to have had such an enduring effect. Niblock's third full-length dates from the same era of compositions as its predecessors, but found Niblock's attitude toward the potential activated by home playback moderately changed. Four Full Flutes comprises four works, roughly 20 minutes each, composed for flute by Niblock toward the end of the '70s and early '80s. Each deploys the compositional system within which he has worked for the better part of his career; combining sustained tones of specific durations, rigorously produced at microtonal intervals by the respective musicians, before arriving at their final form through meticulous work with magnetic tape on the part of the composer. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. Deluxe wooden box with velvet lining; red vinyl, audiophile pressing, housed in Nagaoka anti-static record sleeves; includes an original LP-sized extensive booklet and a 60x90cm iconic poster designed by Bruno Stucchi/Dinamomilano; edition of 300.
PRICE: $26.50
BEBEY, FRANCIS African Electronic Music 1975-1982 2LP
2022 repress; Double LP version. Cameroonian musician Francis Bebey is truly one of a kind. He entered the music scene with his African compositions for classical guitar. He gave recitals while pursuing a career in journalism and then as an international civil servant. The same creative impulse also led him to write pop songs, some of which (based on novels he had written) became big hits in Africa and in the French-speaking world. But few people know that in the '70s, Francis Bebey delved into electronic music. The first electronic keyboards, organs and drum machines offered him new possibilities of totally controlling his compositions. He embraced the technique of "sound on sound" recording (recording several tracks, sequentially juxtaposed on the same tape). This new stage in his musical career included the production of several records (Savannah Georgia, New Track, Haiti), rarities both for their creative explorations as well as their manifestations on vinyl. This was a particularly rich period for him, as he tested the limitless possibilities of the medium, and made use of surprising and novel instruments. Incredible sounds -- in the literal sense of the word -- would soon appear on the planet Bebey. Full-color printed innersleeves with notes in English and French.
PRICE: $21.00
LA FEMME Mystere 2LP
2022 repress. French pop connoisseurs La Femme present Mystère. La Femme have made a huge mark on modern Paris's cultural landscape, with the two sides of the city - the glamour and the grit - ingrained in their music. Since the release of their debut album, Psycho Tropical Berlin (BORNBAD 051LP, 2013), their rise has only gained momentum with fans including directors Jacques Audiard and Romain Gavras to legends Jean Michel Jarre and Hedi Slimane. Returning with a more psychedelic sound and guest vocalists that slice through the starkest of electro beats, Mystère sees La Femme celebrating their wonderful city. From the chattering tête-à-tête heard on "Conversations Nocturnes" to the throbbing disco beat of "SSD", a direct reference to the pulsing nightlife hotspot and multi-cultural district Strasbourg Saint Denis where the band is based. Mystère's true intrigue however, lies in La Femme's enigmatic questioning of falling in and out of love. A compendium of short stories describing loves and losses, each song breaks down language barriers through an inventive and astute knack for melody. The elation of a passionate encounter is captured on the ricocheting electronics of "Tatiana", the melancholic acoustic guitar echoes in "Le Vide Est Ton Nouveau Prenom" and the sorrow of a war-torn couple in "Psyzook". Whether delicate or drenched in dirty disco, the impact of Clémence, Marlon and Sacha's gothic mantras mixed with the guest vocal talent of Clara Luciani, Jane Peynot, Naomi Greene, Mathilde Marlière, Angela Hureau, Battista Acquaviva and Sarah Ben Abdallah is perhaps where La Femme's true meaning can be found. Sacha on his band's all-inclusive philosophy: "We don't like the idea of having a leader or a chief: everyone brings to the band what they can and want." Recorded between a castle in Brittany and a Paris basement before being finished up with Sonny Diperri (Animal Collective) in LA, Mystère once again sees backgrounds blurred and worlds collide. The band's chic retro-futurist surf-pop sound possesses the same dose of glamorous punk stomp as before, but this time around it's layered with an elegant fusion of influences from Ennio Morricone, Marie Et Les Garcons's disco-rock touch and the lysergic romanticism of The Velvet Underground. Through increased use of strings and further exploration of sound, Mystère also incorporates the band's new love of oriental sounds, Turkish disco, Tuareg blues, medieval psychedelia to mainstays Brian Eno and Pink Floyd.
BB 394LP
PRICE: $26.00
CAT #: BB 394LP
TO ROCOCO ROT John Peel BBC Sessions 97-99 LP
LP version. Without a doubt, To Rococo Rot are an exception within the German music landscape. From 1995 until they broke up in 2014, the group around Robert Lippok, Ronald Lippok, and Stefan Schneider researched a unique sound between electronic music, ambient, post-melancholy, and the further development of a new, free music like krautrock. The trio was invited three times by John Peel to record radio sessions in the BBC studios. Bureau B make the recordings from these three sessions from the years 1997 and 1999 available on record for the first time, which, in addition to the live versions of selected album tracks, also contains exclusive, unreleased songs."... Kreidler originated in the west, Ornament & Verbrechen in the east. Robert Lippok describes the moment when things did a 180: 'When we first started releasing records it was almost a shock to hear our own music on the radio.' You walk through an invisible wall. You cause a membrane to pulsate. And finally in 1995, To Rococo Rot was the band whose music, in a kind of aesthetic feedback loop, also made a certain John Peel at the BBC and Daniel Miller at Mute Records sit up and take notice: 'It was something new, something that sounded like it could only be done in Germany; and, as I discovered later, could only be done by guys who were born in the east of Germany in the days before the wall came down.' And so, the three To Rococo Rot sessions united here with their to some extent exclusive Peel tracks ('Glück', 'Esther', 'Glass'), some recorded under intense time pressure, are testimonies to the intimate connection of three German musicians with the whole world, with pop, with the happiness that one possesses and that one shares. Pop without its means of production is inconceivable. And even in times when digital is king, we should consider ourselves lucky that this analog reality of sound, like radio waves, continues to pulsate through us." --Karl Bruckmaier
PRICE: $20.50
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Paradise in San Francisco: California Hall, 26th November 1980 FM Broadcast LP
Named by AllMusic as "one of the most influential British singers of the rock era", Siouxsie Sue needs no introduction in the world of alternative music. Caught live backed by the Banshees during their first US tour in 1980, at the California Hall while promoting their second album Kaleidoscope (1980) this is the essence of goth-rock before it was even invented. Features such hits as "Israel", "Hong Kong Garden", and "Happy House". Black vinyl; edition of 500.
PRICE: $28.00
O'ROURKE/GIOVANNI DI DOMENICO, JIM Immanent in Nervous Activity LP
Riding the razor's edge between bristling electroacoustic wizardry and the constrained structures and harmonic interplay of musical minimalism, Die Schachtel announce Immanent in Nervous Activity, a brand-new release from the creative partnership of Jim O'Rourke and Giovanni Di Domenico. Comprising a single long-form work, divided into two movements that culminate as a second chapter to the duo's 2015 LP, Arco (ZEITC 016LP) -- an album which endeavored, on visionary terms, after the potential of waiting and patience as means toward musical form. Delivering the long overdue follow-up to their brilliant 2015 outing, Arco, the duo of Giovanni Di Domenico and Jim O'Rourke return to Die Schachtel with Immanent in Nervous Activity. Their latest adventure -- recorded in Japan with further contributions by Eiko Ishibashi on flute and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto on snare -- rolls at a glacial pace, deftly weaving tension into restrained sheets of tonality, texture, and harmonic dissonance that ripple with microscopic detail and a stunning sense of structure. A bristling intervention the terms and possibilities of electronic music by one of the most exciting partnerships in the contemporary landscape of adventurous sound. Another defining statement by one of the most exciting partnerships in the contemporary landscape of adventurous sound. Printed in deep black and metallic silver on extra matte white heavy cardboard; includes black/silver limited "Zepelin" poster cm 30x90; original design by Bruno Stucchi/dinamomilano; edition of 400.
PRICE: $44.00
CAT #: ECLEC 42821CD
MARTYN, JOHN The Apprentice 3CD/1DVD
"An expanded four-disc edition of the 1990 album The Apprentice by late John Martyn. With a career that had begun in the late 1960s and had produced a succession of excellent albums throughout the '70s and '80s, Martyn recorded The Apprentice at the end of 1989 at a studio in Glasgow working with musicians including Foster Patterson (keyboards), Dave Taif-Ball (bass) and Aran Ahmun (drums) and guest saxophonist Andy Shepherd."
PRICE: $24.00
AYLER, ALBERT New York Eye and Ear Control LP
2022 restock; 2017 repress; originally released in 1966. Featured artists: Albert Ayler (tenor sax), Ed Blackwell (trumpet), Don Cherry (trumpet, cornet), Sunny Murray (drums), Gary Peacock (bass), Roswell Rudd (trombone), John Tchicai (saxophone, alto sax). Michael Snow is a Canadian national treasure, a true Renaissance man. He assembled a stellar group to improvise a sound track for his art film, titled Walking Woman, featuring a silhouette that is rumored to have been inspired by Carla Bley. Digitally remastered. Manufactured in the USA by the original label. New digipak format. "This is a very interesting set, music that was freely improvised and used as the soundtrack for the 34-minute short film New York Eye and Ear Control. Tenor saxophonist Albert Ayler leads the all-star sextet (which also includes trumpeter Don Cherry, altoist John Tchicai, trombonist Roswell Rudd, bassist Gary Peacock and drummer Sunny Murray) on two lengthy jams. The music is fiery but with enough colorful moments to hold one's interest throughout." --Scott Yanow, AllMusic
PRICE: $29.50
CAT #: EXIL 5555LP
Milestone of ethno-beat. Decades of worldwide concerts, 30 albums and millions and millions of streams have given the Dissidents a wonderful audience all over the planet. The New York Times saw them back in the eighties as pioneers of what would later become the term "world music." Almost 40 years after its initial release, their legendary album Sahara Elektrik remastered on vinyl is experiencing an unexpected rebirth and conveys the musical awakening of those years very closely.
FD 005LP
PRICE: $32.00
CAT #: FD 005LP
2023 restock. Fatiado Discos present a reissue of Di Melo's self-titled album, originally released in 1975. One may say that in the '70s, in the Brazilian northeastern music scene, specifically in Recife/Pernambuco it was a magical time. The fusion of local original Brazilian genres such as samba and baião with North American soul music, funk and British psychedelia resulted in one of the richest cultural scenes worldwide. And it is exactly in such context that Di Melo was in when he wrote his acclaimed debut album. Roberto de Melo was known as Bob Di Melo amongst freaks and weirdos in the art and music scene when Jorge Ben introduced him to important executives of the music business in São Paulo, where most record labels were. His strong personality is best seen in his music and also helps launch his 1975 first album through a major company with amazing musicians such as Hermeto Pascoal. "Kilariô", the opening song of the album, became a big hit all over the country. Other songs such as "A Vida Em Seus Métodos Diz Calma" and "Pernalonga" were also a hit on the radio and clubs. Di Melo, the album, became then a success by the critic and public mainly for going through several music genres not letting go of the deep Brazilian roots. The young man of 25 coming from the outskirts of Pernambuco was at the peak of his success. Psychedelic drugs and cinema references were blowing his mind away when he realized that he was being conned by music industry rats. His songs were at the hit parade on the radio and his music had been recorded by some of the biggest names in Brazil, but what he was being paid for made no justice to that. People say that after watching the movie Blow Up by Antonioni, Di Melo himself beat the shit out of the publisher who paid him less than 10 dollars for his rights for the past three months. Such events, ran by the same strong personality that initially opened doors, made Di Melo ostracized by the ungrateful Brazilian music industry. Perhaps that's what it took to make such a mythical album. Includes original 1975 insert with lyrics plus photos from personal family archives and for the first time the full credits with all the name of every single musician who took part, among them, Hermeto Pascoal.
PRICE: $9.50
CAT #: FTR 721CD
"Gorgeous quintet improv space explored at Chicago's ProMusica studios. Long-time partners Przemyslaw Drazek (trumpet, strings, percussion) and Brent Fuscaldo (voice, guitar, percussion, harmonica) join up again with Hamid's percussion, Tatsu's bass and shamisen, and Thymme's piano and various, just as they did on last year's amazing Ourania (FTR 592LP). The sounds now are spacious, comfortable explorations of unknown sonic turf. There may be a bit less of the aggressive edge that marked their earlier work, but the music generates an equal amount of head-shaking wonder. Thymme's piano and the hails of percussive energy now sometimes set the stage in the way the band's trumpet and guitar once did. There's a magnificent moodiness to the way this music is put together. And trying to squeeze it into a genre definition is harder than ever. Rock, jazz and experimental textures are all allowed to roam freely throughout the session, with the result being a splendid sort of audio anarchy head birthing chunks of sound that are sculpted into boulders of cosmic beauty. There's almost no telling which way things are going to turn in the course of Formless, but the results are always warm blurs you can almost feel massaging your tympanic membranes. Amazing stuff. As usual! Also worth noting, the band will be dropping Mako Sica as a working name after this LP, and will henceforth be using Drazek/Fuscaldo, along with whatever special riders choose to come along. You have been warned." --Byron Coley, 2022
GB 137LP
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: GB 137LP
AKYOL, GAYE SU Anadolu Ejderi LP
LP version. Wildly acclaimed Istanbul-based artist Gaye Su Akyol delivers an unforgettable fourth album, Anadolu Ejderi. Building upon her mélange of Turkish psychedelia, empowered commentary and retro-futurist sonics, her vision is more personal and uncompromising than ever before. Lauded for her startling, innovative mix of Turkish psychedelia and folk song, surf music and ?90s Western rock, a global sweet spot where Anatolian music heroine Selda Ba?can rubbed shoulders with Kurt Cobain, Akyol was ready to expand her vision after a relentless period on the road. Everything on Anadolu Ejderi -- the title translates as "Anatolian Dragon" -- breathes fire. It takes chances, the lyrics offer an exploration of politics in today's Turkey. The personal is very much part of that. While it can hark back to the beauty of Istanbul before the coups that changed the place, when the country shifted, Anadolu Ejderi is a record that's filled with possibilities and dives into the unexpected. It's there in the dancing joy of slipping a disco section into the title track or the stark beauty of the acoustic openings to "Yaram Derin Derin Kanar" and "Biz Ne Zaman Dü?man Olduk," which arrive as shocks to the system. If you thought you knew what to expect in Gaye Su Akyol's music, things have changed. Akyol's lyrics lure, puzzle, and often take by surprise, as with the album's final track, "Içinde Uyan?yoruz Hakikatin" (We Are Waking Up In Reality). Musically it can seem like the closest to a straightforward Western song she's come, but, Akyol notes, "you also hear non-existent Turkish folk". Akyol is an astute observer of what's happened to her country. The tales history tells are important to her. That first upheaval of 1980 was followed by another in 1997, and her cries for what's lost stand in her words. The political allusions are often carefully oblique, but they're there. The instrumentation forges closer connections between Turkey's past and its present. The rock guitar, bass and drum trio are now accompanied by traditional instruments such as violin, oud, electro baglama, cümbü?, sazbü?. With Anadolu Ejderi, Akyol says, "I'm telling stories for the future." To do that takes courage. It takes bravery and daring. Listen, and you'll hear the roar of the Anatolian dragon as it roars. "Her voice is a mesmerizing thing, deep and plummy enough to shake trees and stir hearts." --Pitchfork
PRICE: $21.50
CAT #: GBR 043EP
PERSON, THE Magic $ 12"
The Person is back on the dancefloor and she brought the delicious Australian version of a good old Italian recipe -- Italoz Disco. Mouthwatering rhythms spiced with everyday hustle, cosmic boogie and the extra dose of synthesizer. Changing the meatballs for oddballs to worship the Magic $ properly. Sull' alto lato (aka on the B-Side) they change the oddballs for the mothballs as the one and only Hysteric warms up the magic ragout in his unique steam-powered kitchen. Now go to work! You still need to be convinced? Take these great lines by Patrick: "Magic $" beams into the discotheque direct from deep space; a shimmering body of squelching bass, nebulous pads, and snapping percussion which hosts Minna's bewitching vocals. The arch delivery and vintage sequences flirt with kitsch, but that playful genius particular to The Person pushes this into wonderfully wonkier territories. Basslines climb, keys collapse and the whole thing chugs and bubbles through a flawless arrangement. Stepping in on remix duty, renowned (moth)baller hysteric turns out a treatment that's worth a million bucks, boosting the bottom end with an acidic sequence, supercharging the percussion and punching in some strange sampler fun to guarantee utter club chaos. Every superhero needs a theme song, and "The Person" sees Minna step away from the dancefloor to deliver a synthetic ballad for lucid dreamers everywhere. Jamming on top of a malfunctioning Jomox, Minna channels chimes, piano, and a gentle chug into the classiest chord progression this side of Mike Francis. Closing cut "Go To Work" gives us neon lights and nighthawks as The Person indulges in a little Antipodean electro, proving once and for all that Australians Do It Better.
PRICE: $28.00
Limited available stock. LP version. Reissue. Originally released as private pressing in 1971, the Farm album is highly sought-after and revered by collectors. Recorded by this Southern Illinois band in 1971 at the legendary Golden Voice studios, it's chock full of jammy, bluesy guitar psych with heavy dual guitars, organ, congas, harp... Recommended if you like Quicksilver, Allman Brothers, Canned Heat, Ten Years After... Remastered sound; original artwork; includes booklet with photos and extensive liner notes by Kevin Rathert (It's Psychedelic Baby) LP version includes download card. "A vital album for fans of vintage guitar action." --Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives).
PRICE: $29.50
LP version. First reissued by Guerssen Records in 2012 and out of print for many years, here's a new, improved repress of this UK psych holy grail. Axe (known also as Axe Music and finally Crystalline by the time they recorded their rare acetate) were an obscure British psych band led by acid-rock guitar player extraordinaire Tony Barford and graced by Vivienne Jones ethereal vocals. The band hailed from Northampton (home also of their mates Dark of Dark Round The Edges fame). In 1970, they recorded a demo album of which only 12 copies were pressed as a demo acetate. Here's a straight reissue of this legendary artifact, as the previous "reissue" on the Kissing Spell label from 1993 and credited to Axe was altered without the band consent and included newly edited tracks, artificial echo/phasing effects, altered song titles... Here you'll find the acetate recording on its pure form: 100% unadulterated heavy psych and acid-rock sounds full of raw, fuzzed-out guitars and dreamy female vocals. Four impressive original songs plus a long, psyched to the max cover of Love's "A House Is Not A Motel" which has to be heard to be believed. Carefully remastered from an original acetate copy in 24-bit. Unfortunately, no masters survived and no 100% clean copies are known to exist of the original acetates, but you'll get the best result for the possibilities. New artwork (the original acetate came in blank sleeve); insert with unseen pictures and liner notes by Paul Cross (Sweet Floral Albion). "...This is possibly the finest example of British underground psychedelia..." --Richard Falk, Galactic Ramble. "...Axe did not make a lot of music, but they made some phenomenal music. Some of the best ever to emerge from the swamp of heavy British psychedelia, certainly some of the rarest" --Paul Cross (Sweet Floral Albion). Rated with the maximum rarity in Hans Pokora's 5001 Record Collector Dreams book.
PRICE: $42.00
BULLET The Entrance to Hell 2LP
Top notch hard-rock/proto metal by post-Atomic Rooster and pre-Hard Stuff band Bullet, featuring the explosive guitar and vocals of John Du Cann (The Attack, Andromeda, Atomic Rooster) plus bass player John Gustafson (Quatermass, Roxy Music, Ian Gillan Band), and Paul Hammond (Atomic Rooster) on drums. Their legendary studio recordings from 1970-71, now for the first time on vinyl. Gatefold sleeve with detailed liner notes and photos. RIYL: Hard Stuff, Captain Beyond, Uriah Heep, Dust. "... gritty sounding, blues based power trio built around John Du Cann's unlimited arsenal of crunchy guitar riffs and scorching solos..." --Ryan Sparks (Sea Of Tranquility).
PRICE: $29.50
LP version. First ever official reissue, originally released in 1972. Dakila (a Filipino word meaning "greatness") emerged from the melting pot of musical fusions that originated in the San Francisco Bay Area of the late '60s. They often could be seen playing at Bill Graham's Fillmore West, SF Winterland and all the major clubs in the SF Bay Area and festivals. Singing in Tagalog, Spanish, and English, Dakila was the first Filipino-American band signed to a major label. Their sole album from 1972 combined their Filipino heritage with Latin rock, psychedelia/acid-rock, and Afro-funk. The result was an explosive, hot jamming sound full of congas/percussion, Hammond, dual fuzz guitar, fuzz-bass. Features corrected pitch (the original was speeded up by the producers against the band's will) and a color insert with detailed liner notes. 50th anniversary reissue. One of the hidden gems from the original Latin rock movement. RIYL: Santana, El Chicano, Barrabás, Chango, Malo, Mandrill.
PRICE: $15.50
The embodiment of modern-day electronic funk and a true wizard on the keys: Atlanta raised cool guy Byron the Aquarius. Now, after a solid string of releases on labels like Shall Not Fade and Purveyor Underground, Byron is making his solo appearance on Heist. His Akira EP goes from dark basement grooves to dreamy broken beats and features a remix by New York dance music wizard Kush Jones. The Akira EP kicks off with "I love yo", a track that juxtaposes dreamy samples with rough percussion and vocal chops with a clear nod to the work of Mr. G. The melody is mellow, but don't be deceived; clever drum programming and plenty of sub take this track into the club vibe just the way Byron likes it: warm, hazy and sexy AF. Enter "Get up". There's everything you love about house music: smart vocal chops, driving percussion, classic house keys, and a booming sub to get you bumping to this beat. Byron up the tempo and takes a deep dive into bass territory with "Love". In this track, there's lush pads running over a percussive broken beat and chopped R n' B vocals to add some serious sex appeal. Going back to classic house mode, you get "Success": a spoken word house track that fits right in with the classics. Byron sets the mood with some bumpy key-and synth work while brainstorming about originality and blackness throughout the track.
PRICE: $24.00
CHEMICAL PEOPLE The Singles 1988 1989 LP
Long before any Ramones' style resurgence, the torch of pop punk worldwide was held by three bands on the SST sublabel, Cruz Records: All, Big Drill Car, and Chemical People. This compilation collects Chemical People's early singles, issued between 1988 and 1989 on their own 2" Pecker Records, along with some bonus cuts recorded live at CBGB's in 1989. Featuring double-sided insert and a 60x40 cm folded poster with an exclusive band photo by Robert John. Green vinyl.
PRICE: $24.00
Reissue, originally released in 1992. Long overdue reissue for the debut album by the French melodic hardcore punkers Burning Heads. With a three-decade career, tons of full-length albums on labels like Epitaph and Victory, Burning Heads are an institution in the punk rock scene worldwide. Includes double-sided insert. Orange vinyl.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: HYG 020EP
DJ BALATON Space For Afternoon 10"
On DJ Balaton's second release, Space For Afternoon, the title says it all: this 10" features two laidback house tracks that belong in every set of a dignified afterhour. "Honey Future" impresses with driving bass and distorted Korg sound, while the focus is on repetitive delays and melodies. The single is completed by "Bedroom Floor" in a classic B-side style: the spherical sound carries you through space and time and makes you blur and forget them.
PRICE: $35.50
CAT #: HOL 131LP
For more than a decade, Giovanni Di Domenico, Jim O'Rourke, and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto have been coming together in various combinations -- duos, trios, and larger ensembles -- slowly becoming one of the most noteworthy, understated collaborations in the landscape of experimental sound. In 2015, the trio recorded a brilliant LP entitled Delivery Health ?for Silent Water, laying the groundwork for an enduring project that adopted that album's title as its name, debuting properly in 2017 with the stunner Hard Off (SW 014LP, 2017). Over the years since, Di Domenico, O'Rourke, and Yamamoto have played together in Bonjintan, their project with Akira Sakata, and in further collaborations with Eiko Ishibashi and Joe Talia, not to mention O'Rourke and Di Domenico's prolific work as a duo. A bit more than five years on from Hard Off, Delivery Health finally return with SuperDeluxe!, a stunning new double-LP on Holidays Records. Comprising roughly four years of early activity from the trio that rests at a fascinating juncture of electroacoustic composition, free improvisation, and noise, it's easily among the most engaging and intoxicating efforts yet from one of the most dynamic bands working today. Like its predecessors, SuperDeluxe! rides a beautiful line between striking singular creative ambition and accomplishment, and simply feeling like a free-wheeling conversation between friends who have relinquished their egos and presumptions out of a deep sense of mutual respect. Ironically, as forward thinking as it feels, the album is a kind of retrospective rewind, comprising five live documents recorded, of course, at the legendary SuperDeluxe! in Tokyo between 2012 and 2014 across its four sides. Taking you deep into the very beginnings and previously unheard activities (at least for those who were there on these nights) of Di Domenico, O'Rourke, and Yamamoto, the trio weaves a knotted tapestry unfurling as sheets of sound, that sidesteps signifiers and the expectations that one might have of each of these artists on their own. Ranging from brisling ambient passages drawing on latent melodic flirtations, heavy jams on guitar, drums, electronics, and keyboards, and outright, full throttle noise, each moment represents a visionary excursion into the depths of experimental, improvised sound, revealing a shocking sense of real-time dexterity from each player, as much as the collective whole experiments in improvised sound. SuperDeluxe! is an immersion into the joys of music making, collaboration, and ultimately listening. Contemporary improvised music at its absolute best. Insert with Japanese text on colored paper; obi; edition of 300.
KI 044LP
PRICE: $22.50
CAT #: KI 044LP
FEJKA Hiraeth LP
Hiraeth, a soulfully atmospheric, melodic electronic deep house tune by Fejká is an exhibition of warmth and calm, which embraces the listener and inspires feelings of longing. The sense of tranquility is heightened by the distinctive vocals of Kim van Loo, who collaborated on the track. Working from his studio in Stuttgart, Fejká used processed synths, pads, and piano with a tape machine to create a heightened nostalgic ambiance and establish a genuine and meaningful relationship with the listener. Above all, the song is deeply personal and emotionally authentic -- a remarkable demonstration of a desire to delve into a vaster range of emotions by the young producer. Also features Henry Green and Tomasz Mrénca.
KK 2258003LP
PRICE: $40.00
CAT #: KK 2258003LP
Double LP version. Poly-lined inner sleeves; gatefold. 180 gram, black double vinyl. The original analog master tapes were transferred with higher resolution and remastered with great care. Remastered by Dieter Dierks and Dennis Flüchter. Walter Wegmüller (1937-2020) was a Swiss-Jenish artist who grew up in difficult circumstances in Bern. After training in Basel, Bern, Paris, and London, he began his artistic career. In addition to painting and sculptural works, Walter Wegmüller occupied himself with the entire spectrum of art. He gained widespread international attention, especially from 1974 onwards, with the publication of his Zigeuner Tarot. He was successful at countless exhibitions in Europe and overseas and was repeatedly awarded prizes and distinctions. However, he never forgot his origins as a Verding child and "Rome child from the Kalderasch tribe." In 1973, he released the album Tarot with an all-star band. Successful musicians such as Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching, Harald Grosskopf, Dieter Dierks, Hartmut Enke, Jürgen Dollase, and Walter Westrupp played in the band. It remained Walter Wegmüller's only foray into the world of music. The album was last released on vinyl in 1976, the CD in 2000. This version here is the first remaster ever.
KK 2258004LP
PRICE: $125.00
CAT #: KK 2258004LP
Double LP version. Boxset; poly-lined inner sleeves. 180 gram, black double vinyl. The original analog master tapes were transferred with higher resolution and remastered with great care. Based on the original vinyl packaging in 1973. Contains various cards by the artists, as well as explanatory texts on the Tarot reference and reprints of the Tarot cards. Remastered by Dieter Dierks and Dennis Flüchter. Walter Wegmüller (1937-2020) was a Swiss-Jenish artist who grew up in difficult circumstances in Bern. After training in Basel, Bern, Paris, and London, he began his artistic career. In addition to painting and sculptural works, Walter Wegmüller occupied himself with the entire spectrum of art. He gained widespread international attention, especially from 1974 onwards, with the publication of his Zigeuner Tarot. He was successful at countless exhibitions in Europe and overseas and was repeatedly awarded prizes and distinctions. However, he never forgot his origins as a Verding child and "Rome child from the Kalderasch tribe." In 1973, he released the album Tarot with an all-star band. Successful musicians such as Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching, Harald Grosskopf, Dieter Dierks, Hartmut Enke, Jürgen Dollase, and Walter Westrupp played in the band. It remained Walter Wegmüller's only foray into the world of music. The album was last released on vinyl in 1976, the CD in 2000. This version here is the first remaster ever.
LMS 5521591
PRICE: $21.50
CAT #: LMS 5521591
SUGABABES Anniversary Remixes 12"
To honor twenty years since the release of Sugababes' iconic debut album One Touch, the band released a series of brand-new remixes. Available on blue vinyl for the first time. The reworks from Majestic, Metronomy vs Tatyana, Blood Orange, and MNEK offer a fresh take on classic singles "Overload", "Same Old Story", and "Run For Cover". New artwork featuring archive photographs.
LMS 5521756
PRICE: $46.50
CAT #: LMS 5521756
COMMUNARDS Red (35th Anniversary Edition) (Deluxe Color Vinyl) 2LP
Double LP version. One red and one white vinyl. Gatefold sleeve; includes printed inner sleeve. The Communards' sophomore album Red consolidated the genius of the musical partnership between Bronski Beat singer Jimmy Somerville and pianist Richard Coles. Fusing synths and hi-NRG production with lush string and horn arrangements, the Communards straddled pop and the political, the album's themes set against the political unrest and moral panic of late '80s Britain. A global smash upon its release in 1987, this is the remastered and expanded 35th Anniversary Edition with new sleeve notes. Features an extensive array of B-sides, live tracks, demo versions and remixes, including classic mixes by legendary '80s club doyens Shep Pettibone, Clivilles & Cole (better known as C&C Music Factory) and a euphoric new 2022 remix of "Never Can Say Goodbye" by UK outfit The 2 Bears (Hot Chip's Joe Goddard and DJ Raf Rundell). Includes Stephen Lipson extended version.
PRICE: $32.00
CAT #: MPM 040LP
MONOBOX Regenerate 2LP
2022 restock. You might think that Robert Hood is an artist who is content with the successes he's achieved via his solo work and those alongside daughter, Lyric (as Floorplan) but this is not a man who easily rests on his laurels so after a long-time in the planning he is set to regenerate his much-loved Monobox alias. Originally launched in 1996, his Monobox sound spanned a trio of EPs on his own M-Plant label, culminating in more releases including the Molecule album (2003) for French label Logistic, which later spawned a series of remixes including those of Ricardo Villalobos and Matthew Dear. A brief return came in 2014 as part of M-Plant's 20th anniversary celebrations, which saw the release of a new Monobox 12", Film/Rectangle (MPM 022EP). Speaking to Red Bull Music Academy that year for one of their Fireside Chat interviews, Robert said: "Monobox was an alien project. I read this book when I was probably around 13 or 14. It was this ominous black box that came from some other universe, and it was just sort of hovering over the planet, over a cornfield somewhere." In Robert's mind the idea for the new EP and album is that this vessel has been lying dormant for 40 or 50 years and is now beginning to rise up again, or regenerate. Robert's approach to Monobox was to create techno minimalism, but from an alien futuristic perspective. Returning to the moniker, his forthcoming EP and album encapsulates this raw, bristling and sci-fi tinged techno sound. The Forwardbase Kodai EP (MPM 039EP) features two new tracks (which won't appear on Regerate) alongside a remix by Ø [Phase] and a special Robert Hood Re-Plant edit. Regenerate is a fully immersive experience over seven exclusive tracks.
PRICE: $35.50
CAT #: MAR 064LP
Reissue, originally released in 1983. Mad About Records present the official reissue of the legendary LP by Sam Sanders & Visions for the first time worldwide, The Gift of Love. Highly recommended '80s Detroit spiritual jazz masterpiece. Classic Detroit jazz in the Tribe Records, Strata East jazz vein. Although most of the sessions with Sanders from the '60s or '70s are either nowhere to be found or still unreleased, The Gift of Love -- perhaps the only release of Sanders as a leader during his lifetime and privately pressed by what is likely his own label, That African Lady -- offers a document of this Detroit great's music with his band Visions. Fellow Strata musician Kenny Cox, even sits in on keys on a few tracks. Sam Sanders, a unique saxophonist whose approach to music made him a legend in Detroit jazz. While sometimes likened to John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, or Joe Henderson, Sanders had an unmistakably unique style. His group, Sam Sanders & Visions -- for many years with bassist Ed Pickens and drummer Jimmy Allen, was known for extremely aggressive post-bebop jazz bordering on the avant-garde. Sanders was also active as an educator and concert producer. He was an instructor at the Detroit Metro Arts complex and at Oakland University. He was instrumental in creating the Detroit Jazz Center -- an open jazz school and concert venue presenting artists such as Jackie MacLean, Donald Byrd, and Woody Shaw, with local artists Kenny Cox, Marcus Belgrave, Roy Brooks, Charles Boles, and Danny Spencer, among many others. Sanders began playing while attending Northeastern High School in the '50s with fellow classmates Alice Coltrane, Kenny Cox, and Bennie Maupin. He later attended the Teal Music School and studied privately with Detroit jazz Legend, Yusef Lateef. During his career, Sanders performed with various artists, including: Milt Jackson, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, James Blood Ulmer, Sonny Stitt, Pharoah Sanders. Before forming Visions, Sanders and trumpeter Marcus Belgrave fronted a band with pianist Harold McKinney called the Creative Profile. Belgrave and Sanders would continue to perform together, often with Sander's big band, the Pioneer Orchestra. During the last decades of his life, Sanders traveled often to Senegal and eventually settled there with his wife, Viola Vaughn. Official reissue under exclusive license by Viola Vaughn. 180 gram vinyl; hard-cardboard cover with obi.
PRICE: $35.50
CAT #: MAR 065LP
Reissue, originally released in 1978. Australian soul jazz masterpiece. The first album was recorded in Sydney in 1978 by Joyce Hurley, who learned piano basics in the United States and is currently a European singer, pianist, and composer. Although it has been featured in many record guides and reviews as one of the coveted DJs for a long time, it was, for a long time, a rare LP much sought after by collectors. In addition to the standard number, it is composed of instrumental songs by David Martin Group, who serves as a backing, and Afro-Cuban numbers such as "Sambolé" and "Here And Now" are the highlights and killer version of Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage". Joyce Hurley's first full-length release. Joyce was a Detroit-born singer who came to Sydney to study at the NSW Conservatorium and recorded this album with the David Martin Group while she was here. The album was recorded at Earth Media Studios in late 1977 and 1978. 180 gram vinyl; hard cardboard sleeve + obi.
PRICE: $17.50
Even though only being fully terminated 50 years after its conception, Azabu can be regarded as the starting point of Michael Ranta's creative self-discovery. The recordings that form the base of Azabu were mostly made in the Tokyo district with the same name (Azabu-Juban). Next to abstracted field recordings, Azabu is also pervaded by a rich variety of percussion, string, and wind instruments, all played by Ranta himself. Subsequently Ranta edited, layered, and processed the recordings at the NHK electronic music studio in Tokyo. Both pieces display a vast array of acoustic, electronic, and concrete sound events meticulously sequenced to a complex fusion symbolizing the entire spectrum of earthly and heavenly sounds. Dynamic extremes evoke a restless flight through space, or through the depths of human subconsciousness, between dream and reality. Ultimately the music disappears, like a dot in the sky gradually fading into nothingness -- an "ascension" that closes the loop in a ritual of life that can begin anew again at any time. Michael Ranta: composition, performance, mixing (1971). Stefan Deistler: final mixing and mastering (2021). Painting: Wayne Jacob. Production: Timo van Luijk. Design: Meeuw. Gatefold cardboard sleeve; eight-page booklet.
PRICE: $32.00
Originally released in 1981 on the Belgian Igloo label this reissue comes with the same sleeve as originally designed by Alain Géronnez. "A Late Lunch" is the soundtrack to Akiko Iimura's eponymous movie realized in 1978. It is based on acoustic instruments and field recordings, brilliantly reconfigured and mixed by Bekaert to create a surreal, immersive soundscape. The technique used includes superposition and speed change of recordings, radical sound effects, and juxtaposition of sounds. The players were prominent musicians of the 1970s, including Maggi Payne, George Lewis, David Rosenboom, and Blue Gene Tyranny. "A Summer Day at Stony Point" was composed in 1969, with participation of David Behrman, Shigeko Kubota, and Charlotte Warren. The piece was commissioned by English composer Hugh Davies who presented it at the Harrogate festival the same year. Stony Point is a small village in New York State where John Cage co-owned a small pseudo-commune art resort where like-minded artists gathered. "A Summer Day at Stony Point" is nothing more than a page of a journal, a fragment of a notebook that utilizes a series of sound sources recorded at Stony Point on one beautiful day in the summer of 1968. Other electronic sound sources were recorded at the Brandeis University where Alvin Lucier was professor. The final realization of the piece was done at Henri Pousseur's APELAC Studio in Brussels, 1969. The soundtrack for Akiko Iimura's Mon Petit Album was composed on the basis of a simple description of the technique of the film and its time span. It includes David Behrman on alto, from an outdoor recording at Stony Point, plus excerpts from a Transition concert in London, the band Bekaert formed in 1971 with Michel Herr, Takehisa Kosugi, and Ryo Koike, both members of the Taj Mahal Travelers. The atmosphere is quiet and pastoral throughout with a very dreamlike flavor. Edition of 500."... Gentle threads of instrumental and electronic sounds are mixed with outdoor rural field recordings and occasional voices of his friends speaking, whistling or singing. Bekaert creates a warm environment within which we can hear subtle individual voices of good musicians who are relating to his loosely-notated scores and verbal instructions..." --David Behrman
PRICE: $26.00
CRAMPS, THE Let's Get Fucked Up: Live At The Vidia Club Cesena - May 5th 1998 - TV Broadcast 2LP
First time on vinyl. Legendary TV broadcast from the "Big Beat From Badsville" tour. Live at the Vidia Club Cesena, May 5th 1998.
OI 015LP
PRICE: $8.00
CAT #: OI 015LP
ARTEMIEV, YURI BOGDANOV, VLADIMIR MARTYNOV, EDWARD Metamorphoses: Electronic Interpretations Of Classic And Modern Musical Works LP
Reduced pricing, last copies. Modern Silence present a reissue of Metamorphoses, originally released in 1980. A Russian album of electronic interpretations of "classical" pieces by Claude Debussy, Claudio Monteverdi along with John Bull, Vladimir Martynov, Sergei Prokofiev, J. S. Bach, Edward Artemiev and Yuri Bogdanov. Yuri Bogdanov is featured on every track, on some tracks together with Edward Artemiev, composer for Andrei Tarkovsky, and others. Other tracks feature Vladimir Martynov. From the original liner notes: "The record is made on the basis of a kaleidoscope: it is interspersed with pieces of various styles, genres and eras. For example, with these pieces, the authors wanted to show a variety of ways to use a synthesizer, starting with the direct simulation of now or once existing instruments, to the establishment of new not yet known sound systems. Thus, the record is like a small musical walk through time (...)"
OI 016LP
PRICE: $8.00
CAT #: OI 016LP
Reduced prices, last copies. Modern Silence present a reissue of Musical Offering, originally released in 1990. Features works by Oleg Buloshkin, Sofia Gubaidulina, Edward Artemiev, Edison Denisov and Alfred Schnittke. From the original liner notes: "(...) Please, try to imagine a score sounding by itself without a conductor, an orchestra even without musical instruments. This magic is possible by using the musical synthesizer, ANS. ANS is an instrument with which a composer can not only create but even draw his music without notes and orchestra. A Soviet scientist Evgeny Murzin spent about 20 years creating this apparatus which can join together three processes: music creation, recording and performing. All these processes are rather complicated. You can see the twinkling of different lamps, the rotation of grooved discs made of glass - notes are cut on a glass disc covered with a special layer; The drawings on the glass are 'sounding notes'. To listen to the drawn picture you should press the button and a wonderful transformation will begin. Murzin dedicated his apparatus to Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin, that's why he called it ANS. Scriabin, the creator of the 'Poem of Ecstasy', used in his works a highly chromatic, new type of harmonic style designed to express his beliefs, views and wishes. Soviet music lovers already know some recordings made on ANS from the films Into Space, Solaris (1972), Mirror (1975), Siberiade (1979) and others. Works of well-known Soviet composers E. Artemiev, O. Buloshkin, E. Denisov, S. Gubaidulina, A. Schnittke featured on this LP were recorded at the Electronic Music Studio (...)"
PRICE: $33.00
PASTORIUS & RASHIED ALI, JACO Blackbird (Yellow Vinyl) LP
"Blackbird contains the live recordings of the same-titled album by bass player Jaco Pastorius and drummer Rashied Ali. This live recording was broadcast on French Radio, December 19th, 1984 and features their duet performances of John Coltrane 'Naima', Jimi Hendrix 'Purple Haze', Ornette Coleman 'Broadway Blues', amongst others. Student bassists Michel Hatzigeorgiou, Reno Steba, Alan Brennan, and Angel Vicens joined the duo at various times during the performance. Blackbird is available on vinyl for the first time as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on translucent yellow colour vinyl."
PRICE: $15.50
R.M.K NECH021 EP 12"
The record label NECHTO created by Nastia unveils EP by R.M.K -- a new alias of London's electronic music producer, DJ, and Fossil Archive label head Rob Kirkaldy, also known as Roberto. The record demonstrates a faster and more intense take on the artist's original sound. With a focus on the very core auditory aesthetics of raves, the tracks also incorporate a hypnotic groove element of groove. The EP comprises a thundering bass at higher tempos, whilst preserving a soul within the music itself. "The intention was to make a well-balanced EP aimed at the dancefloor, whilst showcasing a range of sounds that provide enough versatility to keep the listener interested throughout", says the artist on his debut release under the R.M.K alias. Apart from launching his own techno label Fossil Archive, Rob Kirkaldy has established himself as a notable figure both as a techno producer and a masterful DJ. His long-lasting dedication to electronic music has brought him to the world's most renowned club culture establishments, including London's fabric, Berlin's Tresor and Berghain, and many others. R.M.K strives to only deliver the highest quality of music and never settles for anything mediocre, as is proven with this new outstanding EP. "This will be my first full release as R.M.K and I am excited for everyone to hear it. Having the stamp of approval and backing from NECHTO is a great honor and I am excited about the future of this project." --R.M.K
OS 046LP
PRICE: $28.00
CAT #: OS 046LP
A BLAZE COLOUR Against The Dark Trees Beyond LP
LP version. Sought-after Belgian minimal synth finally reissued and compiled. Against a backdrop of cold war and economic crises, the DIY attitude of the earlier punk movement had spawned near countless new genres where artists and bands broke the three-chord guitar mold and experimented with new content matter, singular song structures and -- in many cases -- new instruments. Synthesizers became affordable and were no longer the sole privilege of rock millionaires. All around the globe, musical creativity boomed as never before, and Belgium was no exception. Ludo Camberlin and Karel "Bam" Saelemaekers already had a certain track record in Leuven's burgeoning music microcosm. But what they shared would become the cornerstone of A Blaze Colour (Against The Dark Trees Beyond): a fascination for new forms and instruments, a penchant for sonic adventure and a profound love for gripping songs. After appearing on the first No Big Business LP (1981) with the instrumental "Fisk", A Blaze Colour's first proper release, as was so often the case in those days, was a self-produced cassette. The music -- which would later be dubbed "minimal" -- was characterized by the use of basic rhythm machines (Boss Dr. 55, mainly) and analog synthesizers (Korg Delta and MS20, Roland SH-2 and Jupiter IV, and Casio VL-1). Camberlin's vocals, meanwhile, displayed an aloofness totally in sync with the zeitgeist. Equally important, though: all five tracks on this cassette were bona fide songs with a clear sense of structure, aided by a sonic mastery that demonstrated a high level of experience. A few months later, the band released a seven-inch single on its own ABLACO label. "Dark Trees Beyond", a quirky pop song, was coupled with "Addict Of Time", a dark and brooding spoken word piece. The Minny Pops' Wally van Middendorp, who had founded the Plurex label in 1978, invited A Blaze Colour to his studio in the Netherlands, to record an EP. It would prove to be a massive step forward: recording in a semi-professional studio offered great possibilities, the recently acquired TR-808 drum machine allowed for a broader rhythm palette, and the three new tracks (next to the re-recording of "Through With Life") showed a band on the top of their game. Meanwhile, Camberlin had already carved out a bit of a reputation for himself as a producer, while Saelemaekers was a respected graphic designer. It remains uncertain if this played a big part in the end of A Blaze Colour. Short, sweet, visionary, pioneering, and highly influential. First ever compilation of one of the most colorful electronic acts of its time.
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: PAL 068CD
ORCUTT, BILL Music for Four Guitars CD
"In a trajectory full of about-faces, Music for Four Guitars splices the formal innovations of Bill Orcutt's software-based music into the lobe-frying, blown-out Fender hyperdrive of his most frenetic workouts with Corsano or Hoyos. And while the guitar tone here is resolutely treble-kicked -- or, as Orcutt puts it, 'a bridge pickup rather than a neck pickup record' -- it still wades the same melodic streams as his previous LPs (yet, as Heraclitus taught us, that stream is utterly different the second time around). Although it's a true left-field listen, Music for Four Guitars is bizarrely meditative, a Bill Orcutt Buddha Machine, a glimpse of the world of icy beauty haunting the latitudes high above the Delta (down where the climate suits your clothes). I've written before of the immediate misapprehension that greeted Harry Pussy on their first tour with my band Charalambides -- that this was a trio of crazed freaks spontaneously spewing sound from wherever their fingers or drumsticks happened to land -- but I'll grant the casual listener a certain amount of confusion based on the early recorded evidence (and the fact that the band COULD be a trio of crazed freaks letting fly, as we learned from later tours). But to my ears, the precision and composition of their tracks were immediately apparent, as if the band was some sort of 5-D music box with its handle cranked into oblivion by a calculating organ grinder, running through musical maps as pre-ordained as the road to a Calvinist's grave. That organ grinder, it turns out, was Bill Orcutt, whose solo guitar output until 2022 has tilted decidedly towards improvisation, while his fetish for relentless, gridlike composition has animated his electronic music (c.f. Live in LA, A Mechanical Joey). Music for Four Guitars, apparently percolating since 2015 as a loosely-conceived score for an actual meatspace guitar quartet, is the culmination of years ruminating on classical music, Magic Band miniatures, and (perhaps) The League of Crafty Guitarists, although when the Reich-isms got tossed in the brew is anyone's guess. And Reichian (Steve, not Wilhelm) it is. The album's form is startlingly minimalist -- four guitars, each consigned to a chattering melody in counterpoint, repeated in cells throughout the course of the track, selectively pulled in and out of the mix to build fugue-like drama over the course of 14 brief tracks. It's tempting to compare them to chamber music, but these pieces reflect little of the delicacy of Satie's Gymnopedies or Bach's Cantatas. Instead, they bulldoze their way through melodic content with a touch of the motorik romanticism of New Order or Bailter Space ('At a Distance'), but more often ('A Different View,' 'On the Horizon') with the gonad-crushing drive of Discipline-era Crimson, full of squared corners, coldly angled like Beefheart-via-Beat-Detective. Just to nail down the classical fetishism, the album features a download of an 80-page PDF score transcribed by guitarist Shane Parish. And while it'd be just as reproducible as a bit of code or a player piano roll, I can easily close my eyes and imagine folks with brows higher than mine squeezing into their difficult-listening hour folding chairs at Issue Project Room to soak up these sounds being played by real people reading a printed score 50 years from now. And as much as I want to bomb anyone's academy, that feels like a warm fuzzy future to sink into." --Tom Carter Recorded Winter/Spring 2021 at the Living Room, San Francisco. Mastered by James Plotkin.
PRICE: $27.00
RE-ARBEITEN First Episode 2x12"
First Episode is the ultimate work of duo Re-Arbeiten, Ziv Matushka and Natalie Bar. Previously displaying their vast array of complexities, this one facade a more introvert and delicate peak into their glitchy IDM-infused language. As often is the case with Matushka's productions, they manage to speak the most lyrical poetry using the harshest most elaborate grammar, and vice versa at times, a skill that's reserved only to the true greats. This is the duo's first album, and is one of three which will be released in the coming years. Ziv and Natalie sadly passed away in 2020 and this release is very much in their dear memory.
PILZ 6580066LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: PILZ 6580066LP
Reissue of the third album by the German band Wallenstein, originally released in 1973. Recorded at the Dierks Studios by Dieter Dierks, the group consisted of bandleader Jürgen Dollase, Harald Grosskopf (drums), Dieter Meier (bass), Bill Barone (guitar), and Joachim Reiser (violin). In 2022 the original analog masters were newly remastered. An elaborate work, which has led to a very good result.
PRICE: $27.00
VA Wild Mexico Vol. 2 LP
2022 repress. Second installment of this amazing quest for '60s Mexican gold, Wild Mexico Vol. 2 comes filled to the rafters with the same untamed spirit that made Volume 1 such a special record. This is fun, frantic and obscure rock n' roll at its best, 14 tracks of pure Mexican awesomeness sure to set your ass on fire and leave you asking for more. Get those margaritas ready, set this Pinche Discos record on your hi-fi system and get ready for your jaw to drop, órale! Features Los Hitters, Los Versalites, Beto Diaz Y Su Orquesta, Nanina Y Orquesta De Arturo Castro, Los Puntos Suspensivos, Los Correcaminos, Los Sellers, César Costa, Diego De Cossio Y Sus Barrocks, Los 4 Crickets, Los Beatteens, Dyno, Los Black Birds, and Angélica María.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: PCR 011EP
BONN Never Ever 12"
Hamburg's Polycarp Records delivers the Never Ever EP by Bonn, backed with remixes from Johannes Albert and The Cruiser. The Polycarp Records imprint was launched in 2016 by Simon Ferdinand and across its past ten releases has unveiled an array of material from the likes of Pleasant Systems boss Tilman, Frank Music founder Johannes Albert and Simon Ferdinand and Basch, both under their own artist names and of course their collaborative project, Bonn. In 2019, Ferdinand and Basch inaugurated their Bonn guise with a debut album entitled Forget Forgot Forgotten, 2021 saw the release of a follow-up EP entitled Ravenous and here the story continues with the pair's latest collaborative works. The original mix of title-track "Never Ever" opens the EP and lays down crunchy, off-kilter drums alongside mystical atmospherics, an unfurling acid bass lead and loopy, fluttering stab sequences. Johannes Albert's twist on "Never Ever" follows next, the fellow German producer takes things down his signature cosmic, nu-disco path via bubbling arpeggio lines and '80s-tinged resonant leads melded together with fragments from the original composition. "Phero" then opens the flipside and sees Bonn deliver a twitchy house workout fueled by fidgety synth bleeps, dubbed-out chords, and bumpy, saturated drums. Last up to round things out, The Cruiser turns in a high-octane interpretation of "Phero", upping the tempo and reshaping the original's raw elements into a murky, dynamically unfolding thumper.
PRICE: $26.00
AERIAL FX Watching The Dance (Silver Vinyl) LP
LP version. Silver vinyl. Reissue, originally released in 1982. Moody Oxford post-punk quintet Exit 13 became Aerial FX at the dawning of the 1980s, the promise of their minimal sound, with its prominent synthesizers, yielding a publishing deal with Island Records and an early single released by the label. Debut album Watching The Dance has shades of dark synth pop and goth, with future Radiohead manager/producer Chris Hufford firmly in the spotlight throughout. The influence of acts like Van Der Graaf Generator, Modern Eon and others lurk beneath this hidden cold wave gem.
PRICE: $22.50
CAT #: RRS 182LP
AERIAL FX Watching The Dance LP
Reissue, originally released in 1982. Moody Oxford post-punk quintet Exit 13 became Aerial FX at the dawning of the 1980s, the promise of their minimal sound, with its prominent synthesizers, yielding a publishing deal with Island Records and an early single released by the label. Debut album Watching The Dance has shades of dark synth pop and goth, with future Radiohead manager/producer Chris Hufford firmly in the spotlight throughout. The influence of acts like Van Der Graaf Generator, Modern Eon and others lurk beneath this hidden cold wave gem.
RN 1025LP
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: RN 1025LP
RZA RZA Presents: Bobby Digital And The Pit Of Snakes LP
"RZA returns with the second installment of his three record Bobby Digital Trilogy, coming on the heels of his critically acclaimed first installment Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theatre Rza vs Bobby Digital, produced by DJ Scratch."
PRICE: $17.50
VA Double Copy Sampler 12"
Running Back's Double Copy subsidiary for house music history returns with four musical masterpieces from Chicago, London, and an international cast from Italy on its first various artist sampler. Originally released on Roy Davis Jr.'s Undaground Therapy outlet, "Destination Heaven" by the enigmatic Earth Boys project delivers a piece of cloud-nine-deep-house that was a staple at Frankfurt's Wild Pitch Club and during the early days of its successor Robert Johnson. Produced by Cloudy Eyes and Cole Brooks, unfortunately the duo has never been heard from again. Luckily, Family of Few have been a little bit more productive. Also known as Mind Readers, Kevin Elliot and Billy "Jack" Williams produced some of the more tender moments on Detroits 430 West label. "Intervoles" is amongst the most peculiar and catchy tracks that slow-burning dancefloors can hope for. The flip side turns the attention to the conclusions that Europe drew from its US role models. Released in 1992 on Rena Records with the involvement of New York's JoVonn (a distinct genius of deep grooves himself), the keyboard skills of Pierre Audetat and the production work of I. Betti, M. Clemente, and W. Brown, Dummy Head is one of a kind. Swirly echoes, dubby textures and a heavy bass line mate on the "Edit Mix" of "I Have Been Wanting You" to create one of the very first examples of fully formed dub-house. Similar pioneering properties can be ascribed to the work of Rob Mello. There isn't enough room here to list all his merits, but rest assured that the UK's house scene wouldn't be the same without him (Luxury Service Records, Classic et al). Under the Karim guise, Mello delivered a unique stroke of genius. Distilling the essence of deep house, while looking far into the future, "In My Mind" is many things at once: broken beat, electro, house with embracing chords, and -- if you will -- a warm-up banger. and does, what all the tracks in here do: turning heads then, turning heads now. Hardcore deep house.
PRICE: $28.00
VA Saturated! Vol. 9 LP
Since its inception, the various artist compilation series Saturated! has proven to be the epitome of curation in this small niche scene called bass music or whatever. Each volume is carefully hand-picked and is a picture in sound of the music at that point in time but overall has proven to be timeless. The arrangement works in such ways that each tune flows perfectly into the next one and actually (given that you have two vinyl records like a real DJ), you could mix seamlessly from the first through the last track. Saturate! has become a hotspot for those seeking fresh sounds from well-known and emerging artists within the scene. Channeling the quintessential stylings of low-end driven beats from across the globe, they have been leading the way in all things bass heavy, broken-beat, experimental, glitch, hip-hop, psychedelic, and trap for years now. Having featured releases from names like heRobust and G Jones early on in their careers, Saturate! continues to help push the new school, hip-hop influenced sound forward with their fingers firmly on the pulse of future freshness. A weird, wonky, and wonderful journey through the raw attitude of the blistering beat driven electronic music scene. Features OOTW, Bukez Finezt, Lewcid, RATIONAL SOUL, Starkey, Aprilfoolchild, Jalaya & Dark Velvet, Dayzero, Finnoh & Jack, Maysev, STATX & Long Tongue, DGTL-SGNL, PRESTUS, Dead End, not yes, and Hawkword & Bakaman.
S4R 001LP
PRICE: $35.00
CAT #: S4R 001LP
VA It Hurts So Good LP
"It doesn't always hurt to hurt? Soul 4 Real's first venture into the albums market is as compellingly essential as the label's impressive singles catalog. Its 11 tracks explore every lonely street and losers avenue that soul music has walked down since the early '60s, tempering essays of heartbreak and love lost with the occasional glimpse of positivity and happiness. It Hurts So Good is very much in the tradition of those great '60s soul compilations where diverse strands of black American music sat side-by-side with each other, and still formed a satisfying listening experience despite their apparent disparity because, in the final analysis, the music mattered most. Just as it does here, in fact. This album showcases just under a dozen goodies by some very big names in soul. It may well be that one or two of the tracks might be less than familiar to you, but you will know the artists -- and you will know, too, that they will never let you down. Originally unissued tracks by James & Bobby Purify and Walter Jackson blend seamlessly with early essentials from Aretha Franklin, Willie Hutch, and the Main Ingredient (as the Insiders). Soul 4 Real has delved into the deeper parts of discographies of legendary artists like Marvin Gaye, Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight & The Pips, and Esther Phillips to bring you songs and performances that are every bit as unforgettable as those that forged their reputations. And if you remain unmoved after experiencing the stellar offerings from the Soul Children and Lou Courtney, it may well be that you didn't have a soul to begin with. In the song that gives this collection its title, the great Prince Phillip Mitchell wrote 'it ain't no good unless it hurts a little bit'. It's true, and the 'Hurt' here really IS 'So Good'... and then some..." --Tony Rounce
PRICE: $28.00
BONTEMPI, MARCEL Crawfish, Troubles, Cats & Ghosts: Demos & Recordings 2015-2020 LP + 7"
LP version. Includes 7" of unreleased material. Gatefold sleeve. Subtitled: The (Second) Single Compilation 2015-2021. This record arrives exactly ten years after the first one, the highly successful Witches, Spiders, Frogs & Holes album (STAGO 068LP). At this moment, most "with it" or "aware" folks in our retro scene have common knowledge and informed opinions of that strange musical alchemist known as Mr. Marcel Bontempi. His phenomenal career arc from the 1998 debut of 1960s-beat band combo, The Montesas, to his "monster" solo hit of 2013, "Dig A Hole" (on Sleazy Records), has seen Marcel's star rise ever higher as a steady stream of his popular and clever recordings have been snatched up by an ever-widening fan base. Live stage appearances by Marcel and his gal "Friday," the effervescent Miss Ira Lee, and Marcel's own "hillbilly" gang, Dr. Bontempi's Snake Oil Company, at clubs and festivals throughout Europe (and even in Nashville and Las Vegas) have deservedly helped to spread the Bontempi infamy and infatuation far and wide. So, here is the second compilation of the wizard of rhythm -- packed full with his 7" output (all limited and sold out by now) from 2015 until 2021 and some unreleased songs and musical themes for theater plays among others.
PRICE: $33.00
VA Rockin' N Boppn' with DJ Rudy 2LP
Double LP version. Stag-O-Lee is proud to continue the DJ-Set series with compilation by cult DJ Mr. Rudy. DJ Rudy blew the label away with his selection of tunes at the Goezot festival in Belgium in September 2021. And when he sent the label the list of festivals and weekenders he played at, they were even more impressed. So, Stag-O-Lee invited him to compile what is Volume 7 in the DJ Series on Stag-O-Lee. Features Red (Hot) Russell, Jay Headley, Lenny Capello and The Dots, Bernhard Byers, Freddy Cannon, Donnie Brookes, The Jumpers, Parker Cunningham, Harold Shutters and His Rocats, Frankie Lee Sims, Cousin Leroy, Lance Roberts, Ray Smith, Dale Wright, Tommy Roe, The Phantoms, The Cousins, Jimmy Reed, Larry Trider, Bruce Channel, Farris Wilder and His Band, Bob and The Rockabillies, Gene Kennedy, Ivor Fisher, Joe Melson, Chancellors, Tommy Danton and The Echoes, The Stompers, Bobby Peterson Quintet, and Dean and Jean."When I first heard DJ Rudy play, I could instantly feel the buzz on the dancefloor and see the excitement amongst the dancers. As the night progressed, being a DJ myself, I kept a keen eye on the clearly popular and friendly guy delivering the tunes --many of which (to my delight) I had never even heard before and the dance floor fillers kept coming, well put together and smoothly delivered. At last, I thought, a DJ who knows what the dancers want, isn't afraid to play a really wide mix of rockin' genres, (from rockabilly and r n' b to early sixties garage bands from Belgium!) and was not someone trying to impress with a small box of ultra-rare 45s -- he wasn't in the DJ booth to please himself, he was there to please the crowd and give them what they wanted. Since then, Rudy has played many sets for me at the Rockabilly Rave and is a regular DJ on the international rockin' scene. And the best part of my running into him all those years ago is that he is one of the nicest, warmest, passionate guys the scene has. Always willing to help, always with a huge smile and a kind word and always something positive to contribute. This album is a great taste of what Rudy has brought to the scene. It proves that rockin' tunes can be different and diverse, but if you pick the right ones it's always a rockin' party!" Jerry Chatabox (Oct 2021)
PRICE: $14.50
VA Buzzsaw Joint: Cuts 7 & 8 CD
Buzzsaw Joint was born of a club offering Londoners the chance to revel in the sounds of good ol' trashy rock n' roll in all its vintage vinyl forms. Club top-cat, Fritz, then took the primitive Buzzsaw sounds online with a series of savage Mixcloud mixes created by record fiends from all over the globe. Now, the high-octane energy of Buzzsaw Joint has manifested into the physical form with a run of compilations on Stag-O-Lee. Get your ears around the wild n' weird sounds of the extraordinary and inimitable Buzzsaw Joint! As usual with Stag-O-Lee compile two vinyl volumes on one CD into an 80 minute/32 track monster. Cut 7 comes from the crates of the Canadian couple James and Misty who currently resides in Osaka, Japan. Cut 8 introduces Johnny Alpha and Carl Combover, purveyors of all things sleazy, greasy and raw. Comes with an eight-page booklet with some info and detailed track-by-track notes.Features The Opals, The Dells, Billz Martyn And His Corvairs, The Sevilles, The Cymbals, The Penguins, The Clovers, The Royal Dukes, Googie Rene, Curtis Byrd And The Jo Rag Singers, Cal Valentine & The Texas Rockers, Les Cooper & His Soul Rockers, Dee Clark, Johnny Winter, Lee Castle, Ernie Fields, The Champs, Dynamics, Tarheel Slim, Bobbie Smith, Swan Silvertones, Goodie Rene, Lee The Big Masher Lilly, Plas Johnson, Nite Caps, The Rollers, Secrets, Majestics, Richard Anthony, and Johnny Fisher.
PRICE: $15.50
VA Rockin' N Boppn' with DJ Rudy CD
Stag-O-Lee is proud to continue the DJ-Set series with compilation by cult DJ Mr. Rudy. DJ Rudy blew the label away with his selection of tunes at the Goezot festival in Belgium in September 2021. And when he sent the label the list of festivals and weekenders he played at, they were even more impressed. So, Stag-O-Lee invited him to compile what is Volume 7 in the DJ Series on Stag-O-Lee. Features Red (Hot) Russell, Jay Headley, Lenny Capello and The Dots, Bernhard Byers, Freddy Cannon, Donnie Brookes, The Jumpers, Parker Cunningham, Harold Shutters and His Rocats, Frankie Lee Sims, Cousin Leroy, Lance Roberts, Ray Smith, Dale Wright, Tommy Roe, The Phantoms, The Cousins, Jimmy Reed, Larry Trider, Bruce Channel, Farris Wilder and His Band, Bob and The Rockabillies, Gene Kennedy, Ivor Fisher, Joe Melson, Chancellors, Tommy Danton and The Echoes, The Stompers, Bobby Peterson Quintet, and Dean and Jean."When I first heard DJ Rudy play, I could instantly feel the buzz on the dancefloor and see the excitement amongst the dancers. As the night progressed, being a DJ myself, I kept a keen eye on the clearly popular and friendly guy delivering the tunes --many of which (to my delight) I had never even heard before and the dance floor fillers kept coming, well put together and smoothly delivered. At last, I thought, a DJ who knows what the dancers want, isn't afraid to play a really wide mix of rockin' genres, (from rockabilly and r n' b to early sixties garage bands from Belgium!) and was not someone trying to impress with a small box of ultra-rare 45s -- he wasn't in the DJ booth to please himself, he was there to please the crowd and give them what they wanted. Since then, Rudy has played many sets for me at the Rockabilly Rave and is a regular DJ on the international rockin' scene. And the best part of my running into him all those years ago is that he is one of the nicest, warmest, passionate guys the scene has. Always willing to help, always with a huge smile and a kind word and always something positive to contribute. This album is a great taste of what Rudy has brought to the scene. It proves that rockin' tunes can be different and diverse, but if you pick the right ones it's always a rockin' party!" Jerry Chatabox (Oct 2021)
GB 133LP
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: GB 133LP
LP version. Etceteral are a Slovenian experimental trio (saxophone and electronics, drums, visuals) who create a propulsive, polyrhythmic futurist jazz. It is a sound marked by abstract modular explorations, hypnotic drumming, ricocheted horn textures and crystalline production. Interzones between dub, krautrock, Afro-rhythms, free improvisation and quantized electronic music are brightly lit on this thrilling second album. The idea of musical elasticity is central to Rhizome, the sophomore album of the Slovenian audio-visual electronic jazz trio Etceteral who debuted in 2020 with the album Ama Gi for Kapa Records. Following a series of domestic and international gigs, the band consisting of Bostjan Simon (saxophone, synth, electronics), Marek Faku? (drums), and Lina Rica (visuals) returned to the studio, taking their ambition to meld audio and visuals to a whole new level on their debut for the tak:til imprint. On Rhizome, the band explores the interzone between groove-driven contemporary jazz, quantized electronic music, abstract modular explorations and free improvisation. Like rubber that is able to stretch and be returned to its original shape, Etceteral expands its arrangements to the point of no return, pushing its sonic architecture to the maximum without ever letting it collapse onto itself. Given carte blanche to self-produce their second album, they centered it around the concept of rhizome -- a continuously growing horizontal underground stem which puts out lateral shoots and adventitious roots at intervals. The sophisticated songs of Rhizome are interconnected in their structures, growing from the inside out. With its interlocking synth sequence, saxophone ornaments and hip-shaking syncopations, the opening earworm "Meadow Sage" sets the pace of the record, boasting an ambitious and adventurous sonic character. New songs took shape organically through jams, the only exceptions being the intermezzo "Ton 618," a nod to exploratory modular techno, and the IDM-inspired coda "Idler Idol," both arranged as links between adjacent songs. The interplay between synth sequences, the kick drum, and saxophone represents the foundation of Etceteral's sonic realm. Their sound palette consists of the iconic synth Dave Smith Evolver, a saxophone with a MIDI controller, sound effects, and drums. In Pygmy traditions, one of the band's reference points, every singer or musician follows a single theme or rhythm which is then unified into polyphony or polyrhythmic patterns. Etceteral build their sonic architecture from inside out, never fully defining the outlines of their songs. Even though their sequences are quantized, Faku? only rarely uses click tracks, rather opting for a more instinctive approach to electroacoustic fusionism, which results in a spontaneous flow and jazzy vibe.
PRICE: $22.50
Christoph Dahlberg draws fine lines in the music with organic sounds and crackling beats. After his highly acclaimed debut album TIME (2020, Sonderling Records), his second work Blackforms follows at the end of 2022, merging cinematic, experimental electronica, and ambient textures with astonishing compositional consistency. He knows how to peel out details through intelligent sampling, encountering the idea, capturing it and thus freeing himself -- subtlety. Blackforms holds an engaging gloominess that will fascinate you, too. Gatefold cover; includes download.
PRICE: $16.00
CAT #: TAC 013EP
HASS, HANS Welche Farbe hat der Wind (Marian Tone Rework) 7"
The official reworks of Hans Hass's proto-AOR/cloud rock hymn "Welche Farbe hat der Wind" ("What color is the wind"). The main producer for this release was Marian Tone (of Key Elements), who reworked the track almost from scratch. He re-recorded the drums, the bassline, and some chords while keeping Hass's original vocal layer. The distinctive guitar playing by co-composer Gabor Kristof sparkles throughout. The result is exactly what we had hoped and asked for: a DJ-friendly version of this überclassic track. The idea for this rework project came to mind when label owner DJ Scientist got word from Tobias Kirmayer of Tramp Records that "Welche Farbe hat der Wind" would be officially re-released for the first time on his compilation series Praise Poems as well as on a single reissue. Scientist immediately asked if he could make an edit with louder drums to make the track more playable in a DJ set. However, as the masters of the Tramp reissues had already been submitted to the pressing plant, he was granted permission to re-license the track and rework it for his own label instead. Hence, the reworks feature Scientist's "vintage drums" mix, which has the drums mixed louder, plus drums added at the quite psychedelic and experimental last third, with a few other sound adjustments made. But it was up to Berlin-based DJ and music producer Marian Tone to put the icing on the cake and rework and enhance the song further with his own version. With fellow Key Elements bandmember Steffen Kieslich, he completely re-recorded the drums. Then it was up to Doron Segal to replay the bass and the keys. What we get is the classic sound of "Welche Farbe hat der Wind" -- just updated and fresher. For the first time ever, the track is also available as an instrumental version.
PRICE: $13.50
CAT #: TZA 022CD
IMANY Voodoo Cello (Deluxe Edition) CD
Building on the success of this third album, and a major sold-out tour with over 60 dates, the deluxe edition of Imany's Voodoo Cello will contain seven bonus tracks: five unreleased tracks from Bob Marley to Jazmine Sullivan via Tones and I and Donna Summer, and two remixes including the single "Bust Your Windows" (Mexxbeat Remix). For her third studio album, Voodoo Cello released in 2021, Imany chose to gather eight cellos around her for an album of covers that become, without forgetting their roots, her own songs in the service of her convictions. No tricks, only eight cellos with a multitude of possibilities between the lows and the highs: "Sometimes it feels like they could be brass instruments or electric guitars... as if they were haunted." For ten years, Imany's deep voice has seduced the French public with compositions nourished by her soul, folk, and blues inspirations. With the triumph of her first two albums, the soundtrack of the film Sous Les Jupes des Filles and the two singles "Don't Be So Shy" and "You Will Never Know," Imany is enjoying success all over the world. Reworks and remixes also feature Stream Jockey and TIM PLVNK & Ayosha.
PRICE: $13.50
These days, Bingo Harry is more often a solo vehicle for songwriter Benny Jones than a band. Benny spent the past few years recording dozens of songs before winnowing them down to fit on second album, Where Do We Go?, not to mention constructing the collage of the album cover. The cosmic inheritor of a certain Marc Bolan-esque knack for simple yet spiritual and thrilling tunes, Benny's songs span seemingly glam-induced groovers to a handful of gentle-but-trippy epics which would be overwrought in lesser hands, but here manage to capture a beautiful bit of the cosmos alongside their relevance to the wearying state of the world today. "Shine If You Can", the album's final track, works as well for an anthem of the times as anything you'll hear in the next few years.
PRICE: $13.50
The follow-up to 2021's first volume (PICI 028CD/LP), English Primitive II continues the themes introduced previously in a harder, more electric and psychedelic style. The songs were mostly recorded during the same sessions but, if EPI showcased the "songs of innocence", this new set comprises "songs of experience". David Lance Callahan's lyrical themes here are frequently the sleaze and corruption of our "betters", the intentional and unintentional brutality meted out on those weaker and the sometimes perverse ways in which this happens. There are moments of reflection among the broken mirrors, but they allow scant solace or reassurance. Dressed in another of Scottish artist Pinkie McClure's witty and detailed stained glass creations and recorded at home and under a railway arch, EPII rises above its origins and invades the wider world, in all its color, grit, and glory. Each song serves as a monument to its internal tale -- in fact, the whole album is as much a collection of musical short stories as it is an album of songs. Opening with "Invisible Man," the impression of a regular person with hidden grievances, biding his time and waiting to lash out is given. Waves of distant samples ebb and fall as the warped guitars swell and crash behind the main themes.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: UMA 144CS
MERZBOW Rainbow Electronics Cassette
Originally released on CD in 1990 by Alchemy Records as part of the Good Alchemy Series, Rainbow Electronics marks the pinnacle of Merzbow's late '80s noise phase. Selected and transformed from about 21 hours tape of primitive raw material recorded during three years (1987-1990) in 14 fragments lasting about 74 minutes, this monumental work is an aural trip through a cold plotted universe of intergalactic space ships and golden celestial bodies. Remastered in December 2019 and split into two parts directly by the artist for the cassette version it opens up with a slow, kind of creepy tempo, reaching from dirty harsh noise flows coupled with eerie reverbed screeches and scrapes of iron objects. Noise and blasts come from every angle, and all you can do is sit and take it. Then continues with solid drumbeats briefly emerging from the static and disappearing just as quickly, again long stretches of subdued electronic drones buzzing along sleepily and the occasional sudden shift of noise into something more violent, though it all happens kind of slowly and gradually. A truly mesmerizing and immersive body of sound and its intense finish is something of pure artform. "I don't need a lot of words about Merzbow. All you have to do is immerse yourself in the sound." translated from Japanese liner notes of Alchemy Records CD by Toshiji Mikawa. Edition of 199; O-card 300g wrapping clear box with j-card and laser print orange shell; includes download code.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: UMA 149CS
MERZBOW Green Wheels Cassette
Green Wheels is Merzbow in its most straightforward, most genuine, most uncontrolled and refined form. Originally released by the legendary US label Self Abuse Records in 1995 on CD and 5-inch vinyl record, both housed in a foil-lined cardboard box with the abstract and impressive art work created by the artist himself, which has become another of the fetishist objects of Merzbow and now incredibly hard to find. Like all of his work since the early '90s, Green Wheels is an uncompromising cascade of brutal noise. In this album you find nothing of the minimalism of his early '80s, completely overwhelmed by synthesizers and handmade objects that become his unconventional weapons to create bursts of noise. The three tracks of the original CD, radiate the listener from the rackets of a rain of nails on metal plates, the synthetic crashing bombing, industrial percussion and the metal (green) wheels that roll and scrape. The two very short 5-inch tracks hurt you with thousands of jabs in just a matter of minutes. Then closes with two unreleased tracks from the same fantastic mid-1990s period which can undoubtedly be considered two wonderful discoveries for their intensity and beauty; musical pieces that blend perfectly and complete the reissue on this cassette. When you get to the end of the tape, you will feel purified, once the granite landslide subsides. It is like mental liposuction, eradicating all anguishes and hesitations. Everything was perfectly recorded and mixed in March-May 1995 at ZSF Produkt Studio, Masami Akita's home studio from the late '80s to late '90s; the outcome it's warm and bright as the bare steel of Shinjuko skyscrapers under the (rising) sun of hot Japanese summers. Tape reproduces the original art work; edition of 199; O-card 300g wrapping clear box with j-card and laser print green shell; includes download code.
PRICE: $26.00
CAT #: UMA 154LP
NEW BLOCKADERS, THE Changez Les Blockeurs LP
Limited repress. Urashima present a reissue of The New Blockaders' Changez Les Blockeurs, originally released in 1982. Within the history of noise music, there are few artifacts, as seminal as The New Blockaders' Changez Les Blockeurs. Anyone who has even a casual interest in noise music should need no introduction to The New Blockaders. Hailed by Ron Lessard (of legendary US noise label RRR) as, "the first truly devoted noise artists," TNB self-released their debut LP in 1982. That original LP is now one of the most sought-after (and expensive) noise records ever. The fact that Changez Les Blockeurs is held in such high esteem by the likes of Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound), who was the first person to hear the LP back in 1982 and reworked the album as NWW Plays Changez Les Blockeurs (DPROM 138CD,2018), David Jackman (Organum), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Masami Akita (Merzbow), Toshiji Mikawa (Incapacitants) and countless others is testament to its greatness and well-deserved legendary status. Lying in wait for almost 40 years, the LP emerged again in 2004 as a limited edition on the German Vinyl-On-Demand label, and since then has remained rare, elusive, and coveted -- until now. 2022 will mark the 40th anniversary (or, more accurately, anti-versary) of Changez Les Blockeurs and in celebration of this, Urashima present a limited reissue which has been expertly remastered at Audiplex Studio in Hamburg by Asmus Tietchens, himself a well-known German avant-garde composer. Black virgin vinyl; includes 12x12" insert; edition of 199."Changez Les Blockeurscaused a lot of fuss back in the early '80s, with its two 'tracks' of disorientating junk noise, squeaks, scrapes and the pitter-patter of rain on a tin roof. Lumps of metal get thrown around in a bid to resurrect the ghost of Tristan Tzara, two invalids in wheelchairs fencing with broken car aerials, two elephants fencing on bicycles, two squeaky wheelchairs fighting over a slack spring, it could or an army of tin men dismantling a Jean Tinguely sculpture while bouncing around on pogo sticks in need of three-in-one. We'll never know, and that's half of the appeal Changez Les Blockeurs sounds like nothing else before or since. It's magnificent in its absurdity. Its construct is simple but yet devastatingly effective. Today you'd be hard pressed to find anyone involved in Noise who doesn't cite TNB as an influence." --Mark Wharton
PRICE: $38.50
CAT #: UMA 163LP
Reissue, originally released in 1991. Incapacitants are the best noise band to ever come out of Japan; the group was formed in 1981 in Osaka, as the solo project of Toshiji Mikawa, a member of the amazing noise group Hijokaidan. Mikawa later moved to Tokyo, where he joined with Fumio Kosakai (also an occasional member of Hijokaidan, as well as a former member of C.C.C.C.) to make Incapacitants a duo and they released its first album Feedback of N.M.S. on Alchemy Records CD in 1991. Sometimes it's the result of luck. In others it's due to years of rigorous work or through unlikely combinations of individual creative practices. In the case of Feedback of N.M.S., the first release to feature the collaborative duo of Mikawa and Kosakai, all three are in play. Comprising three tracks of visionary expression -- incorporating elements of junk metal, modular synthesis, hand-made noisy objects, and real-time instrumental and vocal improvisation -- it encounters each artist entering a new stage of their career, harnessing the challenges posed by the other as a means to drive toward new creative unknowns. Central to this is the pair's unique approach to structure and form, in addition to their chosen instruments and electronics. The first track "Curse Of Ceau?escu", played on two sides of the first vinyl is something incredible. A truly stunning, visionary expanse of texture and tonality -- pushing noise practice and the very notions of language into uncharted realms. The others two tracks that fill the sides of the second vinyl complete this masterpiece increasingly pushing into more constrained of electronics phenomena, site specific resonance, and complex harmonic interplay, that consistently rethink the terms of noise, infusing it with tension, dissonance, and a deeply emotive, human touch. An absolutely masterful piece of work, threaded with risk, ambition, raw immediacy, and precision. While astounding artists in their own right, deserving every bit of the accolades they've thus far received, Toshiji Mikawa and Fumio Kosakai seem capable of something profound together that has yet to have heard. Feedback of N.M.S. is everything you would hope to hear from an experimental endeavor and so much more. Includes six cards reproducing Takuya Sakaguchi's original drawings and adding an unreleased drawing and extensive notes in Japanese and English; edition of 299.
PRICE: $26.00
CAT #: UMA 164LP
HIJOKAIDAN Zouroku No Kibyou (40th Anniversary Edition) LP
Reissue, originally released in 1982. Zouroku No Kibyo is the first album by Hijokaidan, released in April 1982. It is a compilation of live recordings from 1981, when the extreme performances of Hijokaidan first attracted attention, and is a record of the chaotic inner energy of young people in their early 20s, influenced by rock, jazz, contemporary music, and avant-garde art, erupting outside. It was first released on the independent Osaka label Unbalance Records and came to be regarded as a historical masterpiece of independent recordings in Japan. It was later released on CD several times by Alchemy Records, and was also released by the major Japanese label Teichiku Entertainment. An analog reissue of the album was released in 2006 by the German label Vinyl On Demand in the form of a double LP set. This will be the first time that the album will be reissued in its original form as a single analog disc, this time on Urashima in 2022. Hijokaidan is a Japanese noise band with a turning lineup that has ranged from two members to as many as fourteen in its early days. The group is the project of guitarist Yoshiyuki "JOJO" Hiroshige, its one constant member, who is owner of the legendary Osaka-based Alchemy Records. The ensemble began at the very end of the '70s as a performance art-based unit whose anarchic shows would often involve destruction of venues and audio equipment, food and garbage being thrown around, and on-stage urination. As the group's lineup changed over time, their focus became less performance-based and more musically based, fine-tuning their sound into a dense wall of white noise created by each member both for live performances and for studio recordings. Zouroku no Kibyo resting at a fascinating juncture between space-harsh progressive, improv and noise, it was years ahead of its time when it first appeared becoming one of the great holy grails of Japan noise. Creatively thrilling -- filled with emotive highs and lows -- it's a crucial piece in the puzzle of Japan's wild and wonderful history of noise music. The album pushes noise practice and the very notions of language into uncharted realms, improvising with a ferocity different from that of hard rock or punk, and a chaos unlike that of free jazz. Released with original cover art with draw by Hideshi Hino, plus all the inserts that were on the original 1982 LP: live photo book (two A3 double face foldable), one Japanese sheet, and a lucky triangle card with, exclusively for this edition, extensive liner notes by JOJO in Japanese and English. Edition of 299.
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"From around 1998, Yamazaki Maso started to incorporate trippy, spacey electronic elements into Masonna performances. In order to better pursue these elements alone, in 2000 he started Space Machine, his self-labeled 'analog electronic cosmic sound project'. For as long as he had been performing under the Masonna moniker, Yamazaki had been ardent fan of early electronic music from the '50s and '60s, and in order to research the impact that electronic sounds had upon the spiritual lineage audible in sixties US and British psychedelic music and seventies krautrock, Yamazaki began collecting analog synthesizers and vintage electronic equipment. He continuously experimented with these instruments in his home studio, and while groping towards an understanding he discovered a new direction for his own music, a direction different from his work as Masonna. The violent extremity of Masonna live performances made no allowances for avoiding inevitable and direct physical damage to the body. In 2000 Yamazaki was forced to temporarily cease Masonna activities due to ill health, and this allowed him to concentrate more fully on Space Machine. Space Machine -- the end result of Yamazaki's daily inner trip explorations of music at his Space Machine Systems Studio -- and Masonna are like two sides of the same coin. Space Machine's concept exists at the opposite pole to Masonna's screaming noise action and extreme one-man rock band style. In Space Machine, all vocals, physical action and rock elements have been comprehensively excluded in favor of a non-rhythmic, pure electronic sound that cannot even be considered as part of the noise genre. The sounds are created using only analog echo machines and analog synthesizers (including the EMS VSC3, Roland System 100 & 100M, PAIA 4700 Modular, Doepfer Modular, etc.) There is no use whatsoever of the fuzz and distortion effects so characteristic of noise and rock's musical palette and which were heavily featured in Masonna. While the sound does have points in common with what is generally known as electronica or onkyo, what sets it firmly apart is the music's tenaciously psychedelic viewpoint. The absence of a beat signals its difference to the hedonistic physicality of trance dance music. And of course, there is no connection to old synthesizer music with its whiff of religion and its leanings towards new age naturalism. However, in the fervent and endless cosmic spaces of Space Machine, in the infinite floating weave of its future retro electronic tapestry, in its mixture of the organic and inorganic we can perceive an uncanny vibration..." --Satoru Higashiseto (from box set liner notes)This incredible box, released in a deluxe wooden edition with digital printing on the lid, contains the first album Cosmos From Diode Ladder Filter released on CD on Alchemy Records and the four mini CDs released on P-Tapes, California based label run by Damion Romero, reissued for the first time on vinyl on three records. The box is accompanied by a series of photos of the impressive equipment used by Maso Yamazaki taken by Masahiko Ohno and extensive notes in Japanese by Satoru Higashiseto, translated into English by Alan Cummings. Edition of 199.
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2022 repress. "This whole project grew out of a song called 'Cycles Of You', which I had written around 2000-2001 with the guitarist and bassist of my band at the time, Easy. The chord progression and vocal melody really reminded me of Joe Bataan, and it occurred to me that it wouldn't be impossible to get him into the studio to do a guest vocal if we ever recorded it. I had met Bataan a few years before at Nuyorican Poets Cafe in my neighborhood. Around this time Bataan was playing out again, so I went to the show to see him and find out if he'd be interested in doing some vocals with us. He was agreeable, so we decided to turn it into a Joe Bataan session and do 'Cycles Of You'. When I got the opportunity from Vampisoul to do a full album, I was hoping Bataan and I could write some songs together, but our schedules proved tough to coordinate. I figured the best way to go about it was to do most of the work and just have him come sing on it. The rhythm section was a band called TransLove Airways that I formed in 2002. To this core group I added pieces from a few other local bands: The Middle Initials, who are a great Temptations/Main Ingredient-style vocal group, and members of an incredible Latin band called Grupo Latin Vibe, who were responsible for almost all the percussion and the vibraphone solo on 'I'm The Fool Pt. 2'. There was also some fine trombone playing by Aaron Johnson of Antibalas and great flute work by Neal Sugarman and my cousin Sonny. Preparing for Call My Name, I listened to a lot of different records from the mid to late '70s. It has now been over ten years since the completion of this record, and so much has changed. The Call My Name sessions took place when Daptone had just moved to Bushwick, its now-famous current location. Gabe Roth was my first call whenever I had any recording to do. He was yet to become the legendary figure at the center of the Daptone/Truth & Soul universe. He was just a humble guy with an incredible talent and an impeccable ear who made authentic sounding records with inexpensive analog gear." -- Daniel Collás, producer of Call My Name
WG 096EP
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JAMIIE Unfold Voices EP 12"
A vital collective member and resident, JAMIIE steps up for her long-awaited debut EP on Watergate Records. The artist has been a regular at the club stretching back to 2016, when she joined RISE, the Afro house collective that runs monthly residencies at Watergate. Despite this, JAMIIE has always gone her own way sonically, exploring deeper house and melodic tones, alongside the Afro influences. Beginning life during a summer-time sketch session in bed (her favorite spot to start new creative ideas), "Voices" is an emotive weapon, driven by a captivating synth lead, and chunky Afro-infused bottom end. "'Voices' is mysterious and is inspired by our thoughts, our inner voice," JAMIIE shares. "There's something truly mysterious and remarkable about our inner voice, the means by which we make ourselves aware of who we are and what we think and even feel. Our inner voice is very powerful. It can lift us up and weigh us down. It also makes decisions for us, even when sometimes we don't want to listen to it." "Unfold Me" is a glorious end-of-night future classic, as grandiose synths rub shoulders with beautiful bass melodies, before a delicate key interlude gives JAMIIE the opportunity to build the energy right back up again. "This has a personal meaning and again, has to do with the journey inwards to discovered ourselves. Like many other people I am an extroverted introvert. I think we can be quite confusing and peculiar to others. On the one hand, social and outgoing; on the other, very guarded, selective and hard to get to know. So, it needs time to unfold the layers to understand an extrovert introvert person, if they should let you in," she explains. The originals are complemented by a trio of tight remixes chosen by JAMIIE, from three artists close to her heart: Portuguese Afro tech producer DJEFF delivers a blissfully silky re-work of "Voices"; Italian artist Malandra Jr., whose most notably released on Diynamic, crafts a chugging and cosmic reinterpretation of the title track, while Stil Vor Talent's Annett Gapstream sends "Unfold Me" on a dreamy orbit skywards.
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OMODAKA ZENTSUU: Collected Works 2001-2019 CD
WRWTFWW Records announce the 18-track ZENTSUU: Collected Works 2001-2019, the first ever best-of compilation of Soichi Terada's amazing project OMODAKA. Initiated in 2001 while trying to create a "boat racing song", the OMODAKA project features sublime music by veteran electronic/house/jungle/video game music producer/DJ Soichi Terada and the vocals of Japanese folk min'yo and enka singer Akiko Kanazawa for a never-heard-before colorful blend of retro game 8-bit/chiptune sounds and traditional Japanese music with wet electro rhythms, joyful '90s house grooves, and slick downtempo vibes. Feel-good, sexy, and fun, Terada's project brings forth one of the most unique sounds in recent memory. The smile-inducing sonic adventure is packed with irresistible hits and a good dose of dancefloor-ready gems: a well-deserved delivery of good times for 2022 and beyond.Tokyo born genius, Soichi Terada has built an impressive career in different music genres. He co-founded respected label Far East Recording with Shinchiro Yokata, composed the soundtrack for cult video game series Ape Escape, released tons of amazing house music records (some included in the beautiful compilation Sounds from the Far East released by Rush Hour in 2015), and has been a celebrated world-touring DJ.
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