What would you do if one day you came back from vacation & you found an extra closet in your home?
  A bit unusual, maybe a bit creepy. You'd think "Who the hell has been in my home & why'd they build a closet!?" More of a strange comedy than anything terrifying.
What if that closet slowly started growing into a labyrinth? What if growls could be heard inside this maze? Now you pack up & leave the house. Suppose that your simply reading about a documentary film made about such a situation?
Okay now it's back to strange, but not spooky...until you started piecing together the scraps of paper that made up the story of this documentary. Things start jumping out at you out of the corner of your eye. Full out & out hallucinations of your own demise. You find that you can't leave your apartment & you start waiting for the walls to start shifting or for something enormous to break down your door.
House of Leaves is a literal labyrinth. Full of twists & turns. The book makes you become a participant. Reading sections backwards, volumes of footnotes (some of them legitimate references) & even bits in code. This is one of those rare reads that you find yourself reading at absolutely any given moment. Even if it's only one sentence at a time, you'll take that little bit over not reading at all. You may even find yourself shivering a bit when you walk the halls of your home at midnight for that late night snack.