At first, I thought this film was a history of the company that makes the jeans. I was curious to find out why their sizes that are stated are always smaller than they really are. However, I was doomed to find out that this film was nothing about the jeans. Instead I sat through a decent yet unfulfilling film about a homosexual child who falls for an older man. The overall story isn't really that bad. It may seem original to some and average to others. It looks like a teen angst film for the modern world. The story of a boy whose mother has passed away and father has no interest in him. Oh wow, as if that hasn't been done before. What they try to make interesting is the romance between the boy and an older man. It just doesn't go anywhere. After sitting through this film for almost two hours waiting for something to happen you're left disappointed. The film builds up to this climax which just leaves you waiting for more. You sit wondering is that what I waited 2 hours for? It could have went in much better directions, it just chose not too. I suppose the filmmakers thought that the subject matter was daring enough and not to make a daring film about it. I can't say that it was a waste of film, but i can say that it's no show stopper.