The Milwaukee based label Crouton announced this week that is will cease operations. A long time friend of Brainwashed, Crouton has released music from artists like Aranos, Hafler Trio, Z'EV, Irr.App.(Ext.), Robert Haigh, Asmus Tietches, and many other. We will miss you.


from a newsletter issued on November 16th, 2008:

All things must come to an end. 

After 10 years and over 40 releases, Crouton
will be closing.  There are many people who
without their help, none of this would have
been possible.  Even those simply reading
these messages took part in something that
consumed a big part of my life, and for that,
I thank you.  Those that supported the label
by buying releases, I can't thank you enough,
and hope you've enjoyed them as much as I have.

Very special thanks also to Chris Rosenau,
Scott Kawczynski, Jim Schoenecker,
Andrew McKenzie, Hal Rammel, Dan Warburton,
Tom Wincek, Jason Kahn, Bhob Rainey, Patrick
Monaghan, Evangelinos Evangelos, Frans de Waard,
Jochen Schwartz, Jerome Noetinger, Jimmy Johnson,
and all the artists I've been able to work with
over the years.  These people helped in many ways
to make the label possible, and the relationships were
truly a pleasure. will remain active into 2009,
and orders placed through the site will be filled with the
same promptness as usual.  However, no new titles
will be produced.  At an undetermined time, the site
will be closed, and the remaining releases will no
longer be available.

Those remaining are:

crou042: Robert Haigh: Written on Water CD

crou039: Osso Exotico + Z'EV CD

crou038: Jeph Jerman + Jon Mueller: Nodes DVD

crou037: Tim Catlin + Jon Mueller: Plates and Wires CD

crou036: Raymond Dijkstra: Maskenstilleben LP

crou035: Alessandro Bosetti: Her Name CD
crou034: Hal Rammel: Like Water Tightly Wound 10"

crou025: Die Enttauschung LP

crou021: irr. app. (ext.): Dust Pincher Appliances CD

If you're interested in any of these titles, act soon. 
Once the site goes down, they will no longer be


Crouton eBay Shoppe

Throughout 2009, a variety of rare recordings
and books will be featured at the link below.
Thanks for taking a look, and stay posted, as
items will continue to be added.

Visit the Shoppe here:


Thanks again to everyone for their interest
and support over the years.  It's been a great
pleasure to be a part of this music.

Take care,

PO Box 070352
Milwaukee, WI 53207