New music is due this week from Barn Owl & the Infinite String Ensemble, Giant Sand, Eleh, and Shit Robot as well as old music from King Crimson.
* The Flying Lizards, "Flying Lizards / Fourth Wall" (RPM Retro) CD
* Modulo 1000, "N√£o Fale Com Paredes" (RPM Retro) CD
Orange Juice, "Coals To Newcastle" (Domino) 6CD+DVD
Michael Pisaro/Taku Sugimoto, "2 seconds / b minor / wave" (Erstwhile) CD

Agalloch, "Marrow of the Spirit" (Profound Lore) CD
Bam Bam, "Where Is Your Child" (Tresor) 12"
Barn Owl & The Infinite String Ensemble, "The Headlands" (Important) LP
Borngraber & Struver, "In G" (m=minimal) LP
Codes in the Clouds, "Paper Canyon Recycled" (Erased Tapes) CD
Drexciya, "Harnessed the Storm" (Tresor) CD/2xLP
Eleh, "Radiant Intervals" (Important) LP
Eleh/Ellen Fullman, "Mind of No Mind / Even Locations" (Important) LP
Eux Autres, "Broken Bow" (Bon Mots Records) CD/LP
Marcus Fjellström, "Schattenspieler" (Miasmah) CD/LP
Giant Sand, "Blurry Blue Mountain" (Fire) CD/2xCD/LP
Girls, "Broken Dreams Club" (True Panther) EP
Girls Names / Brilliant Colors, "I Lose" / "You Win" (Slumberland) 7"
Grinderman, "Worm Tamer" (Mute) 12"
Group Doueh, "Beatte Harab" (Sublime Frequencies) LP
Lee Jones, "Watergate, Vol. 7: Mixed By Lee Jones" (Watergate) CD
* King Crimson, "In The Wake Of Poseidon" - 40th Anniversary Series (Discipline Global Mobile) CD/DVD-A
* King Crimson, "Islands" - 40th Anniversary Series (Discipline Global Mobile) CD/DVD-A
Luv Clowns, "Love Clowns!" (Goner Jr) CD
* Jeff Mills, "Metrpolis" (Tresor) CD/12"
* Moebius, "Blue Moon" O.S.T. (Bureau B) CD/LP
Reading Rainbow, "Prism Eyes" (HoZac) CD/LP
Reuber, "Ring" (Staubgold) CD
Royal Baths, t.b.a. (HoZac) EP
* Royal Trux, "Thank You" (Plain Recordings) CD/LP
Chris Schlarb, "Psychic Temple" (Asthmatic Kitty)
Shit Robot, "Take Em Up" (DFA) 12"
Tobacco, "L.A. U.T.I." (Anticon) 12"
Bill Wells & Stefan Schneider, "Pianotapes" (Karaoke Kalk) CD
Yuck, "Georgia" (Fat Possum) 7"
[V/A], "Modeselektor proudly presents Modeselektion Vol. 01" (Monkeytown) CD
[V/A], "True Spirit Vol. 1" (Tresor) 2xLP

Eliane Radigue / Pauline Oliveros / Yoshi Wada / Sun Circle, "Attention Patterns" (Important) 2xLP