New music due this week include X-TG, Major Stars, Lawrence English, Tetuzi Akiyama, and Hot Chip. 11/26/12
Art of the Burning Water, "This Disgrace" (Riot Season) LP
Tetuzi Akiyama, "Che Chen - Cold Soup" (Incunabulum) LP
Dean Blunt, "The Narcissist II" (Hippos In Tanks) LP
Vladislav Delay, "Kuopio" (Raster-Noton) CD
Lawrence English, "Lonely Womens Club" (Important) LP
Games, "S/T" (HoZac) CD/LP
Hot Chip, "In Our Heads" (Domino Records) CD
Hundred Waters, "S/T" (Owsla) CD
Invisible Things, "Home is the Sun" (Porter) CD/2xLP
Love Cult, "Fingers Crossed" (Public Information) LP
Lust for Youth, "Growing Seeds" (Sacred Bones) CD
Overhang Party, "Complete Studio Recordings" (Important) 4xLP
Major Stars, "Decibels of Gratitude" (Important) CD
Machinefabriek, "Secret Photographs" (Important) CD
Aki Onda, "Cassette Memories Volume 3: South of the Border" (Important) CD
Peepholes, "The Overspill" (Upset the Rhythm) CD/LP
Folke Rabe, "What??" (Important) CD
Juma Sultan's Aboriginal Music Society, "Whispers From the Archive" (Porter) CD/2xLP
Umberto, "Night Has a Thousand Screams" (Rock Action) CD
Vapour Gourds, "Dagger Magic" (Feeding Tube) LP
Gary Wilson, "Lisa Wants to Talk to You Feeding" (Feeding Tube) LP
Wires Under Tension, "Replicant" (Western Vinyl) CD/LP
X-TG, "Desertshore and The Final Report" (Industrial Records) 2xCD/2xLP
Zombie Zombie, "Rituels d'un Nouveau Monde" (Versatile)
[VA], "New Music From Old Instruments" (Incunabulum) CD