Ian Astbury - High Time Amplifier CDEP [with Witchman mix] (Beggars Banquet, UK)
Beige - I Don't Either CD/LP (Leaf, UK)
CiM - Reference CD/LP (Focus, UK)
Geiom - Sellotape Flowers CD/LP (Neo Oujia, UK)
Leftfield - Swords 12"/two CDEPs [mixes by Two Lone Swordsmen, Cari Lekebusch & To Rococo Rot] (Sony, UK)
Life Without Buildlings - Is, Is & The IRS 7" (Tugboat, UK)

Charles Atlas - Play The Spaces LP (Star Star Stereo, US)
Live Human - Elefish Jellyphant CD (Matador, US)
Jeff Sharel - Tribute Final 12" (Statra, US)
Alan Sparhawk/Charles Atlas - split 7" (Star Star Stereo, US)