New releases for July 17th - July 23rd
Andrew Poppy - Andrew Poppy on Zang Tuum Tumb 3xCD [box set compiling classic recordings, unreleased and rare material] (ZTT, UK)
Sara Ayers - A Million Stories CD (Dark Wood Recordigs, US)
The Gasman - Hardline 12" (Terminal Dusk, US)
Shawn Rudiman - Second Is The First 12" (Dust Science, UK)
Various - Awake The Machines Vol. 5 CD (Out of Line, Germany)
Various - Trans Slovenia Express Vol. 2: The Club Mixes 12" (Mute, UK)
Vex'd - Degenerate CD/2xLP (Planet µ, UK)

This is simply this week's highlights from the NEW RELEASES provided by Greg and Feedback Monitor. For a more detailed schedule stretching into the future, please check out the page, since release dates can and will often change.