David Tibet has announced that the forthcoming full-length release by Anok Pe Current 93, Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain is completed and being prepared for release in May on Coptic Cat. As with many a C93 release there will be a limited version of the release, this time a book and bonus CD featuring music by Tibet along with Andrew Liles and Alex Neilson. For more details and the first 93 seconds of the album free, read on.

from the official Durtro announcement:

Durtro news 30 January 2009

30 January 2009  


Current 93: Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain CD (standard edition)

Almost in the beginning was the Murderer…

The new album by
Anok Pe

Invocation of almost Poppyskins on Docetic Mountain 26 April 2007 Aleph is the Butterfly Net not Because the Fox Barks UrShadow as Real as Rainbows


This update deals almost entirely with the forthcoming release of the new Anok Pe CURRENT 93 album, ALEPH AT HALLUCINATORY MOUNTAIN.

We have finally finished the recording and mixing for the new Current 93 album.

As is usual with our projects, there has been a great deal of shifting and morphing. I had considered making the project a trilogy of albums, but have, after much thought, decided to condense the three albums’ worth of material that we have recorded into one album.

SO, finally, the album is FINISHED and the CD version is released on Coptic Cat in early May 2009, distributed by Revolver in North America and Southern in UK/Europe.

In three weeks’ time another update will be sent out in which details will be given about how to pre-order the standard edition of the CD as well as a hardback book of the complete text of the album; accompanying the book is a 20-minute CD of an alternative version of ‘ALEPH AT HALLUCINATORY MOUNTAIN’ featuring David Tibet on vocals, Andrew Liles on electronics and Alex Neilson on drums and percussion.

The first 93 seconds of the album are now available for free download: click here.

The album consists of 8 tracks, and the line-up of the band is:

David Tibet: vocals, July or Gorgon guitars, mix
James Blackshaw: 12-string guitar, piano
William Breeze: electric viola, viola-controlled sampler
Ossian Brown: synthesizers, treated organ, electronics
John Contreras: cello, synthesizers
Baby Dee: piano, Hammond organ
Andria Degens: vocals
Sasha Grey: vocals
Andrew Liles: electronics, guitars, mix
Alex Neilson: drums, percussion
Rickie Lee Jones: vocals
Alice Rousham: vocals
Henry Rousham: vocals
Steven Stapleton: electronics, mix
Matt Sweeney: electric guitar, vocals
Andrew W.K.: bass, piano, vocals
Keith Wood: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, bass

The album was produced and mixed by Andrew Liles, Steven Stapleton and David Tibet.

Subscription Edition of ‘Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain’

Current 93: Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain CD (subscription edition)

The cover image shown above is a mockup. The artwork on the finished CD may differ. The CDs which subscribers receive will not have 'subscription edition' printed on the cover.

For several months now we have been taking orders for a Subscribers Edition for this album. The deadline for subscribing is David's birthday on 5 March, 2009. After 5 March, it will no longer be possible to order the subscription edition. Those who subscribe will receive the following:

  • A copy of the CD album. (Subscribers can only receive the CD of the album. Subscribers cannot receive the vinyl version instead of the CD version.)
  • A universal region dual disc DVD/CD. The DVD consists of a small film directed by Davide Pepe from footage filmed by Lauren Winton of the recording of the album and rehearsals of C93 material just prior to our starting our 2008 tour. The CD consists of around 20 minutes of early recordings and unreleased takes from the album. The material on this DVD/CD will NOT be made commercially available elsewhere, though a small amount—though definitely not all of it!—of the material may be streamed online.
  • Each subscriber will have their photo and name printed either in the CD booklet or in a poster accompanying the CD—we still haven't decided the exact form of packaging. The vinyl edition of the album will be released about three months after the CD of the album, and the subscribers' photos and names will also be included in the booklet or in an accompanying poster with the vinyl LP.
  • Each subscriber also receives an enamel badge that is only available to subscribers.
  • The Subscription Edition costs £50 plus postage and packing and VAT (where applicable). All the income for subscriptions received from this edition has gone, and will go, into the recording and producing of the album.

Click here to order the Subscription Edition.

‘Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain’ vinyl

More details will follow later of the vinyl edition of ‘ALEPH AT HALLUCINATORY MOUNTAIN’, but we assume it will be released around August/September 2009.

Video footage of David painting and talking about his recent art exhibition

Two short films have been made by Nick Abrahams which feature David talking about his ideas and painting, reading Coptic, painting and discussing some of his artwork at his recent London art show at Isis Gallery and at his home. Go here.

New Æthenor album featuring David Tibet on vocals now out on VHF Records

‘Faking Gold and Murder’ by Æthenor is now out on CD VHF Records. Go to www.vhfrecords.com/catalog/113.htm for more information and to order the item. The vinyl is imminent though not yet pressed.

The VHF website says of this release: “Third earth shattering outing for Vincent De Roguin (Shora), Stephen O'Malley (Sunn0))), KTL) and Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo). For ‘Faking Gold and Murder’, the core trio is joined by percussionists Nicolas Field and Alex Babel, as well as renown guitarist Alexander Tucker and the inimitable David Tibet. Faking Gold is Æ’s heaviest outing, driven by a weighty low end and the full fury of Babel and Field’s free-wheeling drums. The trio’s electronics, guitar, Rhodes, and organ ride the waves of sound in a tightly-controlled blare, leaving plenty of space for Tibet’s declarations of the mystical and supernatural. Tibet is on top form here, rising out of the tempest at just the right moment, almost plain-spoken in places – grounding the squall at times, voicing the apocalypse at others.”

Antony and ‘The Creek’: London art show at Isis

Antony has a beautiful art exhibition at London's Isis Gallery open from now till 28 February, the first exhibition in the UK of his artworks. I absolutely recommend it. Antony's art is as compelling, haunting and unique as his music and his voice. ‘The Creek’, 17th January–28th February 2009. Click here for more details.

Love and Peace to you all, and thank you for your continuing supports and kindnesses. I was Black Ship. I am now Bit Witch.

David Tibet, January 30 2009