March has ended up being a massive month for Important Records w/ a host of new releases from The Electric Ghosts (Daniel Johnston), Larsen, Slomo, Piano Magic, The Major Stars and the long delayed collaboration between The Hafler Trio and Jonsi Birgisson of Sigur Ros.  More information/mp3 on each release can be found here.

imprec066 The Hafler Trio w/ Jonsi Birgisson "Exactly As I Am" 2x cd-
This was originally supposed to be released October 11th but major delays kept it from coming out until now. The Hafler Trio and Jonsi Birgisson went into a studio
in Iceland to capture some of Jonsi's unique vocals and they were used as the source material for this new Hafler Trio double album.
They say 3rd time is a charm. This is the third and final release in The Hafler Trio's series with Jonsi Birgisson and the pressing plant had to print it 3 times
before they managed to get it right. Finally!

imprec081 Electric Ghosts cd?-
Daniel Johnston and his Hyperjinx Tricycle bandmate Jack Medicine recorded this album over a couple of years mostly on the road. It was partially produced by
Kramer marking the first time Daniel has worked w/ the Shimmy Disc founder in a very long time.

imprec083 Larsen "SeieS" cd -
Larsen's 2nd full length album for Important Records is SeieS. This time there's a bit more singing than you'd expect from a Larsen record, though it fits in quite
well. Featured guests include Jarboe, Julia Kent and Lustmord.

imprec090 Piano Magic "Incurable" cd ep -
Piano Magic returns with another wintery ep on Important and this one sounds like early 80's 4AD recordings from Dead Can Dance or This Mortal Coil. The guy who
did the artwork worked closely with Vaughn Oliver sort of bringing the 4AD theme full circle.

imprec085 Slomo "The Creep" cd -
Hailing from rural UK Slomo's "The Creep" was originally released on Julian Cope's F*ck Off And Di label in a miniature edition of 100. Despite the tiny pressing the record managed to get quite a bit of attention and I'm personally quite honored that Important was able to scoop it up. Printed 4 colors inside and out this
elaborate package pays tribute to the massive, slowly evolving single piece (over an hour) housed inside. The first time I heard it I kept it on repeat for a few
days... Seriously.

imprec089 The Major Stars "Syntoptikon" cd -
Massive riffs thanks to a third guitar player makes The Major Stars first full length on Important one of their heaviest yet.