Beta-lactam Ring Records will be reissuing many of Edward Ka-Spel's solo albums beginning in October 2005 (Chyekk China Doll, AaΔzhyd China Doll, Khataclimici China Doll, Eyes China Doll and Laugh China Doll.Each will contain the original music fully remastered with bonus material and original artwork. Each CD reissue will feature a coupon. Collect all the coupons to receive a bonus CD of exclusive material.  There are also a plethora of Edward Ka-Spel solo releases imminent via BLRR. There are also a plethora of Edward Ka-Spel solo releases imminent via BLRR. First up is Happy New Year: Two tracks recorded on December 31, 2004 and January 1, 2005. Packed in a broadstock 6-color gatefold sleeve, this release is limited to 300 numbered copies. Due mid-August 2005.

Edward's new studio album, Long Red Ladder To The Moon will be released in October 2005 on CD and 2 X LP. Track list is as follows:

Black Widow's Kiss
Mechanical Sam
Hey Rainman
Gone Subterranean (Parts 1 and 2)
It's Just A Job
Never Say Never
Treehugger (Parts 1 and 2)

The vinyl issue will also include the bonus track Spacerock (Parts 1 and 2).
A new studio album by Silverman, Nature of Illusion will also be released on CD and LP later this year. It is described as "Soliloquy for Lilith by Nurse With Wound crossed with the ambient works of Brian Eno and Persepolis by Xenakis."
Nature of Illusion represents the shamanic struggle to break through the nature of our illusionary existence and the sense of resignation with our worldly existence. This album also features a very unique vocal performance by Edward.

Coming late this fall is The Legendary Pink Dots: Live in Utrecht 1987 DVD. It is a wonderful live concert featuring a historical document of the 6-piece band that included violin. Here is the tracklist:

The Dream Intro
Curious Guy
Plasma Twins
Premonition 16/She Said
The Hill
Echo Police
Rattlesnake Arena
Poppy Day
Jewel in the Crown
Our Lady In Chambers
Guardians Of Eden
The Dairy
Neon Gladiators
Love Puppets
The Heretic
I'm The Way, The Truth, The Light
Silverture/Flowers For The Silverman