If you missed Meat Beat Manifesto live and wanted to get one of those swank live CDs, the discs will be available on the website on 3/15.  Also, a remix contest is now in the works from Ableton, and Tino Corp has a date at Lake Tahoe!

Tinocorp live in Lake Tahoe!! Electronic Music Festival #2
*The Crystal Bay Club at Lake Tahoe presents the Champagne and Bacon Series
Tinocorp-Live featuring Jack Dangers and Ben Stokes of MBM will join others
Saturday March 11th 11:30 PM-6 AM 21 and over tix are $17 advance / $20 at
the door contact the Crystal Bay Club at 775-833-6333 for ticket info or
visit their website at http://www.crystalbayclubcasino.com/ and click on

*Jack Dangers Interview and MBM Remix Contest...
Meat Beat Manifesto and Thirsty Ear Recordings have released the remixable
stems from the track "Wild," as heard on the album At the Center. MBM's team
have split up the files in Session View and included a lesson file. To enter
the contest, please send an MP3 of no more than 10 MBs to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your full name included. One entry per
contestant, and please send your entries in no later than April 15, 2006.
For more info and the interview go to the Ableton (makers of Live) site...

*The Tour CD while they last...
MBM just wrapped up their winter tour and the "LIVE '05" CD (which was sold exclusively during the tour) is now available for sale to those who couldn't get out to the shows. Recorded live at the Metro in Chicago last June, the CD is a ltd. edition of 1000 with each digipak signed by Jack. The remaining copies will be available through the MBM website 3/15

Track listing:
-     I am Electro
-    Spinning Round
-     Hello Teenage America
-     Radio Babylon
-     God O.D.
-     No Purpose No Design
-     It's the Music
-     Nuclear Bomb
-     Helter Skelter
-     Edge Of No Control
-     Prime Audio Soup 
-     Do It With Soul