November 21st is the release date set for Tavelogue Live 05 from Meat Beat Manifesto. It's a DVD with concert footage from the last year's tour shot in Chicago and also including video from Austin, Berlin, and Osaka. Read on for a tracklist and more details from the press release. 


from the press release: 


  • Hello Cleveland (Doc)
  • I am Electro
  • Spinning Round
  • Radio Babylon
  • Japan (Doc)
  • God O.D.
  • Europe (Doc)
  • No Purpose No Design
  • Southern States (Doc)
  • Shes Unreal, Helter Skelter
  • The Light Incident (Doc)
  • Edge of No Control
  • Prime Audio Soup

This tour DVD features an engaging performance at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago on June 22nd 2005. The group seen here includes Jack Dangers (video sampler/AKS/vocals), Ben Stokes (video sampler), Mark Pistel (Serge modular/Ableton Live), and Lynn Farmer (V-Drums). Footage from Austin, Berlin, and Osaka is also included. The collective began in 1987 as an experimental/industrial duo inspired by the cut-and-paste attitudes of hip-hop and dub. Eventually, MBM became a vehicle for Dangers to explore the emerging trends in electronica. Their approach to studio recording has been widely influential; here they translate it into a killer live show.