Terminal Kaleidoscope is accepting pre-orders for the next two releases from The Legendary Pink Dots: From Premature Graves, due late April, is the new CD from ROIR, and the 25th Anniversary Single is a 7" created especially for the forthcoming North American tour. In other release news, coming soon are Alchemical Playschool boxed set, Eyes China Doll CD reissue, and Ancient Daze CD (reissued and expanded). (Read on for more details.)

The Legendary Pink Dots: Alchemical Playschool is a very limited CD album presented in a soapstone box and made in India. All boxes took the slow boat from the sub-continent to Los Angeles and arrived a few days after the extraordinary musical voyage through India was completed. Watch this space for further news. Price has not been determined so no pre-orders are possible just yet.

Edward Ka-Spel: Eyes China Doll - the second in BLRR's wonderful reissue series.

The Legendary Pink Dots: Ancient Daze CD. The old CD-R release is undergoing a serious makeover and will be extended and pressed as a regular CD on Beta-lactam Ring Records.

More soon,