From the Durtro news: "The split 10" featuring Current 93 and Om is entitled INERRANT RAYS OF INFALLIBLE SUN (BLACKSHIP SHRINEBUILDER). The track by C93 is titled 'Inerrant Infallible (Black Ships At Nineveh and Edom)' and is just under 9 minutes long, and that by Om 'Rays of the Sun/To the Shrinebuilder', which is 8 minutes long." "The cover photographs have been taken by Andria Degens and Tina Gordon. It will be released early May 2006 on Neurot Records (catalogue number NR 043), around the same time as BLACK SHIPS ATE THE SKY, and will be available in several different coloured vinyl editions throughout the USA and UK/EU."

'Inerrant Infallible' was recorded during the endless BLACK SHIPS ATE THE SKY sessions and is thematically linked with that album. The Om track is absolutely stunning, and was recorded during the recording of their magisterial new album CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDS. Neurot Records are at

In additional Current 93-related news from today:

'Wild Tigers I Have Known': a film by Cam Archer

Cam Archer's first feature film, WILD TIGERS I HAVE KNOWN, co-produced by Gus van Sant, will be making its world premiere at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. The trailer for the film has narration by David Tibet. The film itself has music from two tracks by C93, 'A Beginning' (from Thunder Perfect Mind) and 'A Soft Voice Whispers Nothing' (from C93/Thomas Ligotti collaboration IN A FOREIGN TOWN, IN A FOREIGN LAND), and one song by Pantaleimon, 'Crater Full of Goldfish' (from TREES HOLD TIME). Andria Degens of Pantaleimon also contributes a voiceover in the film. More details, including the trailer itself, can be found on

'Black Ships Ate the Sky'

This will be released, as previously stated, in the first half of May. The SUBSCRIPTION EDITION will be removed from the shop for good on Monday 23 January, in the morning UK time. I know we have said this before and previously set a date for removal, but this is the final date. BLACK SHIPS will only then be added once more to the shop when the album's release is imminent. When the album is finally released I will return to working on the lyric book, UNDER THE RAIN AND TEETH OF GODS.

Pantaleimon news update

There have been several new developments with Pantaleimon. Go to for details.