Some recent development in the world of Death In June (or DI6, for all you abbreviation queens).  In addition to the recently issued Holocaust Hymns by Douglas P. and Tony Wakeford's pre-DIJ punk outfit Crisis (released by Apop Records), and the Death In June: Behind the Mask interview DVD (available in various formats here), the fine fascist sympathizers at Tesco have just unleashed an expanded CD/DVD reissue of The Guilty Have No Pride, unfortunately a bit too late for Kristallnacht (or maybe far too early?)...

From the Tesco press release:

"Long awaited and highly acclaimed The Guilty Have No Pride collects from the golden days the earliest recordings of Death In June when the group was Patrick Leagas, Tony Wakeford and Douglas P.  Full of ultimate classics we'll take the road from "Heaven Street" and then drive East!  As if that wasn't enough these recordings from nearly 25 years ago also feature for the first time the legendary performance Live at The Fridge, London 1982 on DVD.  Due to the quality of these never before seen archival images this becomes even more of a historic documentation of the standards set in aethetics and music that was to later define a whole scene known as Neo-Folk.  This is the beginning and this is how it really started! A must for all lovers of ground breaking music, not only Neo-Folk. The original use of instrumentation is hard to find these days and this is undoubtably the time that made us become followers of Death In June. The double CD/DVD comes in an embossed softpak."

Douglas P. is also featured on the new Der Blutharsch album When Did Wonderland End?, also on Tesco.  Der Blutharsch is the work of Albin Julius, formerly of The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud and Douglas P.'s collaborator for albums such as Take Care and Control, Operation Hummingbird and that rotten Wolf Pact thing.

And finally, Death In June's official (non-Brainwashed) site has long been, but for years it's been a rarely updated page with an annoyingly slow to load flash intro. All that has changed recently, and the site has now been redesigned and updated to include a (mostly) extensive discography, a news section, lyrics, photo galleries, and a place to buy back catalog items and other assorted merchandise. Our DIJ cup runneth over.