Skot Kirkwood is passing the baton of site manager to the Current 93 website over to Jose Pacheco. Skot Kirkwood has been the man behind the Current 93 and Death In June websites since their beginnings before Brainwashed.      The sites first appeared around 1994/1995 at the time of the launch of the Nurse With Wound and Organum websites by Jeff Reid, originally hosted at the University of Washington. As college kids eventually graduate, the websites needed more permanent homes, and Brainwashed adopted these websites around 1996. Over the years the maintenance and upkeep has unfortunately slid and so we are excited to announce a new site manager/developer. (We actually are also now taking applicants for the Death In June site too.) It's worth noting that although some musical artists have taken it upon themselves to develop more "official" websites of their own, Brainwashed has been operating under their blessing as the most complete public archive, often consulting it themselves when faced with reissues or compilations! Thanks to Skot for all your work and we hope you continue to tune into Brainwashed to see everything's coming along!