Throbbing Gristle has posted news on their official website about their forthcoming album, Part Two: the Endless Not.  Its release is scheduled now for early 2007 and the tracklist has been posted. Additionally, recently, the members of TG have expressed that there is no other trusted TG information on the Internet other than their official site at, Mute's site, and the Brainwashed archive (ie: places like MySpace are not operated by any officially recognized party so don't pester them when mis-information is spread).


'PART TWO' Track Listing

Vow of Silence
Rabbit Snare
Almost A Kiss
Greasy Spoon
Lyre Liar
Above The Below
Endless Not
The Worm Waits Its Turn
After The Fall

Total Playing time : 67:25

Release date: 1st Quarter 2007 (confirmed)