Next week will be the last issue of The BrainThe Brain began eight years ago in August as a little place where Brainwashed staff members could keep tabs on each other: update the news section if there was any news about the bands whose websites they manage; write a few words about music or movies or books they've just experienced; and share emails with each other that are either amusing or ask questions which weren't already answered. Over time it built up, adding numerous features and sections. We were one of (if not) the first publications to post a new release schedule each week, we were one of (if not) the first to include sound samples with reviews, we were one of (if not) the first to outright ban major labels, and we were one of (if not) the first to feature a weekly video component. Out of all the trendiest big electronic publications, we arguably have had some of the most innovative music first, beating the trendiest trendsetters to the punch on bands like Dresden Dolls, Antony and the Johnsons, Sigur Ros, Gosdpeed You Black Emperor!, and Múm, just to name a few. Monday mornings will never be the same. Comments and feedback are welcome, and we'll be happy to post them in the final issue next week. Please include your name and city/country if you'd like them to be published. Thanks for your attention.