Volcano the Bear are looking to play some US dates in November surrounding the Brainwaves Festival, additionally, the 2LP/7" version of Classic Erasmus Fusion is now in their possession, and Volfurten is due for release shortly, limited to 300 copies, available directly from them. Additionally, some recent live gigs may find themselves on forthcoming releases. Read on for more news including info on Daniel Padden, the One Ensemble, Dragon Or Emperor, and other projects too.


from their mailout: 

well we finally got he 2lp/7" set of classic erasmus fusion. it
looks amazing and the vinyl is HUGE!
so it's the same mix and running order as the cd version housed in
a chunky gatefold sleeve.it alsocomes with a bonus 7" of
exclusive tracks 'cinnamon & ginger/quarter to four feet' in a
picture sleeve.

a number of you pre-ordered this some time ago. sorry for the
delay. your copies are here waiting for you. if you don't require
it anymore than please let us know so we can sell your copies on to

anyone wanting to purchase a copy the price is £18 plus postage &
packing (see rates below)
uk =£5.50-------europe = £6.50------USA/japan/aus etc------£11

paypal - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
uk cheques/imo's/ (concealed cash-at your risk) to
volcano the bear
29 sandown road
le2 2bj

if you are a customer outside the uk or europe it is very expensive
to send as it's so bloody heavy. sorry about that. usa customers
would do better buying from mail order in the usa.

note: the extra limited version with a bonus live acetate12" (25
copies in total) was pre-ordered ages ago and we don't have any for
sale (unless someone changes their mind). however, if you're
desperate we could burn a cdr of the music contained.

the limited vinyl lp 'volfurten' will be sent to the pressing plant
any day now and will be available soon.limited to 300 copies.
pre-orders are welcome.

a limited 8" acetate single 'massive furniture invasion/my
favourite lungs' will be released in an edition of 100 soon on the
(i can't remember what it's called) label. we will have some copies
of this available for sale. pre-orders are welcome.

another 7" is being planned for the No-Fi label. more news soon.

2 live albums from our recent tours are being prepared also for
release on vivo and kning disc sometime soon. more news soon.

and another album for another label i think.

have a new 4 track cdr ep available 'DorEepIII'. it costs £3 plus
dragon or emperor's self titled album will be released soon on cd
by the pickled egg label.
DorE also have a track 'never know what to say' released on a new
multi media compilation 'electricity is your friend' by 3 pin
www.3pinrecordings.com/releases . it also features a track by
Daniel Padden amongst many others.

DorE have a myspace page www.myspace.com/dragonoremperor we will
shortly be putting some album tracks up for download.

the accidental will be released on limited vinyl by beta lactam
ring records soon.

have a new album recorded to be released soon. daniel padden also
has a solo album coming out soon too.

the band featuring aaron from VTB and dave nuss (nnck) & sheila
donovan is to be released by black velvet fuckere records soon.

their album also seems to have a home now and will be released in
the future. they may also release some other recordings on cdr.

thanks to everyone who's been to see vtb recently. we've really
enjoyed our tours and are looking forward to our next shows. they
are listed on our website www.brainwashed.com/vtb
RE: the stockholm shows ( 31/8, 1/9, 2/9) are being planned now. it
may be that vtb play one nights set in collaboration with a well
known swedish sax player. we will hopefully confirm this soon.

the arhus gig in denmark is confirmed - friday 25th august with
gang gang dance and temple of bon matin www.musikcafeen.dk

we are planning to tour the east coast to coincide with our
appearance at the brainwashed fest in boston. anyone interested in
booking vtb then please contact us.

ok, thanks for your time