Volcano The Bear are delighted to announce their new album Volfurten. the first vinyl release on their own Volucan label. Volucan has been a CD-R label for many years and they have finally taken the plunge into releasing large black vinyl discs. Volfurten is released in a limited edition of 300 copies, vinyl only. each copy comes with a hand painted cover ( an enourmous task undertaken solely by Irmgard Mannof the group ) and insert. The record contains music.

Volfurten can be purchased directly from VTB for £12 plus postage
and packing ( postage rates in the UK changed last month. uk is
cheaper, rest of world is more expensive, apologies for that. see
below for new rates)

UK first class = £2.50
Europe air mail = £5.00
USA/Japan & elsewhere = £7.00

payment can be made via paypal at alcovebaron at hotmail.com

uk cheques or IMO's to volcano the bear
at 29 sandown road
(please note that in a month or 2 this address will no longer be in
usebut for now it's ok)

in the coming months vtb have 2 singles being released.
"massive furniture invasion / my favourite lungs" is an 8" lathe
cut limited to 150 copies, released by the (i've forgotten what
it's called) label.
"birth of streisand / the ark / the pincher" is a 7" released by
the No-Fi label.

other releases forthcoming include albums by VTB related projects
Amolvacy, The One Ensemble, Dragon Or Emperor & Daniel Padden.

thanks for reading