Throbbing Gristle has announced that due to Mute's fear of "illegal copying," Part Two will no longer be available at the German New Years gigs.  Part Two is scheduled to be issued on Mute in March and the Überticket holders will receive their copy in "due time" along with a special 3" CD.

From the Throbbing Gristle offical website:
Mute Records have lately decided that 'Part Two' will now be released worldwide on 20th March 2006.

Because of Mute Records concerns about illegal copying of the album we are now, sadly, unable to supply the album for sale as advertised, on 31st December at the Volksbühne, Berlin performances, or physically include it for our TG Uberticket package.

TG Uberticket holders will still receive the album for free in due course. It will be posted to them free of charge approximately seven days prior to the worldwide retail release by Mute Records. But as a gesture towards TG Uberticket holders likely disappointment a bonus item, a unique, handmade, numbered limited edition 3" CDR featuring two live recordings ("What A Day" & "P.A. Destroyer" from the second set in TG's last show on 29th June 2005 in Turin, Italy) will be included in the package.

We trust you understand that these circumstances are beyond the control of TG.