No More Beard

  1. Faith, hope and treachery -Lard
  2. You love the sun - Death in june and Boyd Rice / Alarm Agents
  3. Mari - Martin Rev
  4. Everything at once - Swans
  5. Floorshow - The sisters of mercy
  6. Fall apart (rose mix) - Death in june
  7. Fotzepolitic - Cocteau Twins
  8. Keelhauler - Coil
  9. Tears of the hunted - Death in june and Boyd Rice / Alarm Agents
  10. Deep water - Strawberry switchblade
  11. Mr. alphabet says - The Glove
  12. We have come to bless this house - Severed Heads
  13. Wigs on the green - Princess Tiny meat
  14. First aid - Skinny Puppy
  15. Thee decaying matter ov family L-ov-E - Genesis P-orridge / Larry Thrasher as Splinter test
Devon Clapp, Printmaker
Brooklyn, New York

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