I really didn't know much about this film when I went to see it. I knew the cast and a basic idea of the plot, but I wasn't really prepared for what was about to unravel.
  This is a very serious story masked as a comedy. A woman who is in love with a soap opera witnesses her husband get brutally murdered. As an escape from this experience she now believes she is part of this soap opera and is sent to L.A. to see her husband, whom she believes is from the soap opera. Being a witness to the murder, the killers chase after her to LA. Still being in a state of shock, she doesn't really know the trouble she's in, she believes that her fantasy is real. I don't want to give to much away, but it's a very well written and original story. Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock give excellent performances, as well as Rene Zelwigger as the lead. The theater was packed with mostly middle aged people. It's strange to see scenes of explicit violence followed by laughter. It's odd. I thought it was a deep psychological film with lots of funny parts, but overall it was very serious.