Paws Across America 2003

YouTube Video

From one of the most intense issues of The Brain, this week's edition is possibly one of the most absurd editions. We start off at the end (or end at the beginning), where Jon asks a question of his good friend Miguel (Kid 606) that makes him end the conversation, get up, and turn the mic off. We then go to local expatriot still living in the state /dev/null and get a surprisingly great interview. From there we touch base with another local expatriot now living abroad, DJ/rupture whose set was cool and interview was awesome. However, the mic was either plugged in wrong or not on or the dude's a vampire because the audio didn't come out. The words, however, got substituted with words from somebody else's interview (bonus prize to whoever guesses it correct first). From there, we have a nice interlude from Mr. Dwayne Sodahberk who, in the madness of it all, escaped the interview process. In the end, we finally get some words with the Tigerboy himself, where we touch on Whitehouse, crappy music, and other things your mother doesn't want you to hear. Enjoy!