podcasts trouble, i love you long time?

hey guys, love the show and all that rimming shit. anyway i only get access to
a computer a few times a week/month and  wanna download all your podcasts onto
my ipod but whne i pasted the podcast link into itunes there's only 2 things to
download. to be honest i wanted to get them all downloaded or at least a
few..am i doing somthing wrong or what? thne i thought i could right click the
links on http://www.podcast.net/show/396 but no option to save or anything..am
i being a retard or what? anyway some help would be nice, i could even scrape
some change up for a donation maybe eh? eh? p.s. loving nurse with wound
cheers guys i'll be listening.

There's over 60 hours of Podcasts.  Sorry, but they're not available after they expire.