"Vendredi soir" (Friday Night)

Sometimes you are so carried away by the cinematography a film, that dialog isn't required. Sometimes the direction and acting is so powerful that the characters are brought to life almost entirely without the use of words. This is not one of those films. Sometimes a film bores you to the point of slumber. Sometimes a film tries for high-concept and fails. This IS one of those films. Friday Night follows a woman who is moving in with her boyfriend tomorrow and is finishing the last of her packing. When she finishes, she jumps in the car to attend dinner at a friend's house. Due to a Paris transit strike, the city is in gridlock. Based on radio requests for citizens to car-pool, she invites a stranger to get out of the cold and join her in her warm Peugeot. A near-dialogless hour later, they are fucking. I went into this film expecting a French chick flick, but when my girlfriend nudged me to wake me up, asking how much longer the movie was, I realized that it just sucked. This movie would clearly be nominated in the category "Boring Film of the Year" along with "Gerry", and it clearly takes the "Lack of Dialog" Oscar for 2003. Don't see this movie.