Ratcatcher / George Washington

These films were shown recently as a double-bill at a local movie-theatre. And they were both remarkably similair yet nothing alike. Or some such crap. Both films are the feature-legnth debut of the writers/directors, David Gordon Green for George Washington and Lynne Ramsay for Ratcatcher. Both films circle around the children of the working poor and the reaction of said children when they are partly responsible for a playmates death.
Now those of you who remember my previous movie reviews know that I suck at writing these things. You can all bite me. Suffice it to say both of these films are hidden gems and easily get a listing in my top 10 films of 2000. Both directors have amazing vision and each cast of unknowns shine through. And the George Washington;s minimal soundtrack is the best movie soundtrack I have heard since Joe Hisaishi's Hana-Bi soundtrack.
In honor of these films I have composed a Haiku for each:

    George Washington:

    don't get your head wet
    are we heros or villains?
    uncle don't like dogs


    London Garbage Strike
    No Englishman is sober
    There's mice on the moon