11/28/2010 - 12/11/2010

Two weeks of new releases include new Girls, Console, Matthew Dear, and Scientist as well as vault music from Einstürzende Neubauten, ESG, Giant Sand, Roedelius and Rafael Toral.


* Soft Machine, "Alive & Well Recorded in Paris" (Esoteric) 2xCD

Bats, "Compiletely" (Flying Nun) CD
The Boy Least Likely To, "Christmas Special" (+1) CD
Dreams, "TBD" (Kill Shaman) 12"
Eclier, "The Future Is Now" (Boxon Recordings France) 12"
Girls, "Broken Dreams Club" (Fantasy Trashcan) CD/EP
Gospel Music, "Duettes" (Fierce Panda) EP
Laurel Halo, "King Felix" (Hippos in Tanks) 12"
Jónsi, "Go Live" (XL) 2xDVD
Paramount Styles, "Heaven's Alright" (Fishtank / Konkurrent) CD/LP
Scientist, "Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space" (Tectonic) CD
Simian Mobile Disco, "Delicacies" (Delicacies) 2xCD
Twin Sister, "All Around & Away We Go" (Domino) 7"

* Chrome, "Blood On The Moon" (Lilith Russia) LP+CD

Part Timer, "Real To Reel" (Seed) Cassette / USB limited edition(Lost Tribe Sound) CD
* Roedelius, "Selbstportrait I" (Bureau B)CD/LP
* Roedelius, "Selbstportrait II" (Bureau B)CD/LP

Frenchbloke & Son, "Société de Radiodiffusion de l'homme et du fils Francais - Bruit dans l'intérêt de Musique"
The Gasman, "Powerpoints" (Planete Mu) CD
Pali Meursault, "O Païva" (Kaon) mCD
Panda Bear, "Last Night at the Jetty" (FatCat) 7"
Sleeps In Oysters, "The Brambles In Starlight" (Seed) 3" CD limited edition

2 AM/FM, "Desolate Cities/Give This World" (M>O>S RECORDINGS) 10"
Aeroplane, "We Can't Fly" (Ultra) CD
Aguaturbia, "Psychedelic Drugstore" (Relics) CD
Armchair Traveller, "Schöne Aussicht" (Staubgold) CD
AUX 88, "Black Tokyo" (Puzzlebox Records) CD
Andrea Belfi, "Knots" (Die Schachtel) CD
Michael Kelly Blanchard, "Quail" (Riverman Music) CD
Boys Noize, "Nott/Trooper" (Boysnoize Records) 2x12"
Butch, "Eyes Wide Open" (Bouq) 2CD
Churchill's, "Churchill's" (Axis UK) CD
Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, "Fleeting Music" (Sub Rosa) CD
Concern, "Truth & Distance" (Digitalis) LP
Console, "Herself" (Disko B) CD/2LP
Matthew Dear, "You Put A Smell On Me" (Ghostly International) 12"
Demdike Stare, "Voices Of Dust" (Modern Love) LP
Derschlaeger, "Blogs" (Dirter Promotions) CD
Kevin Drumm, "Sheer Hellish Miasma" (Editions Mego) 2LP
Dulcimer, "Room For Thought" (Axis UK) CD
*Einstürzende Neubauten, "Strategies Against Architecture IV" (Mute) 2xCD
Eluvium, "The Motion Makes Me Last" (Temporary Residence Ltd.) EP
*ESG, "Dance To The Best Of ESG" (Fire) 2CD
Mark Fell, "Multistability" (Raster Noton) CD
Mark Fell, "UL8" (Editions Mego) CD
Floored By Four, "Floored By Four" (Chimera) LP (
The Fun Years, "God Was Like, No" (Barge Recordings) LP
*Giant Sand, "Ballad Of A Thin Line Man (25th Anniversary Edition)" (Fire) CD
*Giant Sand, "Storm (25th Anniversary Edition)" (FIRE) CD
Randy Gibson, "Analog Apparitions" (THE TAPEWORM) Cassette
Gothic Horizon, "Tomorrow's Another Day…." (Axis UK) CD
The Green Door Kids, "Muzikal Yooth" (Optimo Music) LP
Heavy Winged, "Sunspotted" (TYPE) CD/LP
H.O.S.H., "Connecting The Dots" (Diynamic) 2LP
Noah Howard, "The Black Ark" (BO WEAVIL RECORDINGS) CD
Imaginary Softwoods, "Imaginary Softwoods" (Digitalis) 2LP
Nicolas Jaar, "Love You Gotta Lose Again EP" (Double Standard) 10"
JD73, "Pure Gold" (Z Records) CD
Kangding Ray / Alva Noto / Ben Frost, "Pruitt Igoe" (Raster Noton) 12"
Kuni Kawachi & Flower Travelling Band, "Kirikyogen" (Bamboo) CD
Denny King, "Evil Wind Is Blowing" (Axis UK) CD
Anworth Kirk, "Anworth Kirk" (PRE-CERT HOME ENTERTAINMENT) LP
Kollektiv Turmstrasse, "Rebellion Der Träumer" (Connaisseur Recordings) CD
Takehisa Kosugi, "Catch Wave" (Phoenix Records) CD
Lukid, "Chord" (WERKDISCS) 3LP
Machine, "Machine" (Axis UK) CD
Paul MacNeil, "If It Rains" (Riverman Music) CD
Magda, "From The Fallen Page" (Minus) 2LP
Foster Manganyi,  "Ndzi Teke Riendzo No. 1" (Honest Jon's Records) CD/2LP
Mount Kimbie, "Crooks & Lovers" (Hotflush) 2LP
Mr. Flood's Party, "Mr. Flood's Party" (Axis UK) CD
Mutzie, "Light Of Your Shadow" (Axis UK) CD
Kimio Muzutani, "A Path Through Haze" (BAMBOO) CD
Franz Nicolay, "Luck and Courage" (Sabot Productions) LP
Nucleus, "Nucleus" (Axis UK) CD
Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Auge, "Rubber" (Because Music) CD
Charlie Parr, "When The Devil Goes Blind" (NERO'S NEPTUNE) LP+CD
Pascal Pinon, "I Wrote A Song" (A NUMBER OF SMALL THINGS) 7"
Pascal Pinon, "Pascal Pinon" (Morr Music) CD/LP
Primordial Undermind, "Last Worldly Bond" (Strange Attractors Audio House) LP
Will & James Ragar, "Will & James Ragar" (Riverman Music) CD
Ike Reiko, "Kokotsu No Sekai" (Bamboo) CD
Ernesto Rerreyra, "El Paraiso De Las Tortugas" (Cadenza) CD/2x12"
* Sweet Maya, "Sweet Maya" (Riverman) CD
Masahino Satoh & Soundbreakers, "Amalgamation" (PHOENIX RECORDS) CD
Marcus Schmickler, "Palace Of Marvels (Queered Pitch)" (Editions Mego) CD/2LP
Scientist, "Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space" (Tectonic) 2xCD
Scorch Trio, "Melaza" (RUNE GRAMMOFON) CD
Sea Stone, "Mirrored Dreams" (Axis UK) CD
7K Oaks, "7000 Oaks" (Die Schachtel) CD
Sohrab, "A Hidden Place" (Tone) CD
Sufjan Stevens, "All Delighted People" (Asthmatic Ktty Records) EP
* Chris Thompson, "Chris Thompson" (Sunbeam) 2xCD
* Rafael Toral, "Violence Of Discovery And Calm Of Acceptance" (Touch) CD
Transexuals, "Thee Transexuals (Whatevs)" (Idea) LP
Scott Tuma, "Dandelion" (Digitalis) CD
Twells & Christensen, "Coasts" (Digitalis) LP
Ultralyd, "Inertiadrome" (Rune Grammofon) CD
Sven Väth, "In The Mix: The Sound Of The Eleventh Season" (Cocoon) 2xCD
Wareika Hill Sounds, "Kumina Mento Rasta" (Honest Jon's Records) 10"
Wilcox Sullivan Wilcox, "An Album Of Original Music" (Goldust Records) CD
Dixie Yure, "Show Me Satisfaction" (Fenou) 10"
Zerocrop, "On Tape" (THE TAPEWORM) Cassette
Manuel Zurria, "Repeat!" (Die Schachtel) 3CD
V/A, "Angola Soundtrack" (Analog Africa) CD/2LP
V/A, "Bellyachers, Listen: Songs From East Africa, 1938-46" (Honest Jon's Records) 2LP
V/A, "City Sound Berlin" (Bermuda Music) 2CD
V/A, "Dirty Water : The Birth Of Punk Attitude" (Year Zero) 2xCD
V/A, "Fairy Tales Can Come True - Volumes 1-5" (Psychic Circle) 5xCD
V/A, "Group Of Connected Heads" (Highgrade) CD
V/A, "JAZZ: A Collection of Progressive and Independent Spiritual" (JAZZMAN RECORDS) 3x7"
V/A, "Katapult Festival Compilation" (KARAT RECORDS) CD
V/A, "Something Is Wrong: Songs From East Africa, 1952-7" (Honest Jon's Records) 2LP
V/A, "Something Is Wrong: Vintage Recordings From East Africa" (Honest Jon's Records) 2CD
V/A, Superlongevity 5 (Perlon) 2xCD/limited 7x12"
V/A, "Ten Years Of Moon Harbour" (MOON HARBOUR) 2CD
V/A, "Top Dog: A Retrospective of Classic TV & Radio Themes" (De Wolfe Music Library) CD
V/A, "Worth The Weight - Bristol Dubstep Classics" (Punch Drunk) 2xCD

Dave Henderson, "Journey To A Plugged In State Of Mind Electronic Music : 100 Years Of Experimention And Exploitation" (Cherry Red Books) book