Alec Vance/Potpie, "Heck of a Job"

Just in time for hurricane season '06, New Orleans electro-pranksters 'open up the bruise blood' with this Steve Reichian handjob on Bush43 and FEMA's 'Brownie' (with eventual ranting from Ray 'Bob Geldof' Nagin.)


Back Porch Evolution  

The single track is of 8:29 duration, naturally enough given the date of Katrina. Conceived by New Orleans' abstract-expressionist Potpie (with thirteen releases to his credit, mostly sine-wave generated pieces like Black Panther Coloring Book), and executed by Alec (of drone-psych band Chef Menteur), the piece takes off at around the one-minute mark when the echo and loop kick in. There's no way this could have the shock of some of Reich's early audio-collages, forty years hence, but it's apt in that if you find yourself begging for it to be over, well, that's how the Crescent City citizens feel.

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