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Now I'm fucking pissedoff, seriously. I had nearly completed the review of this CD when mygoddamned machine crashed. I was describing how hateful and loathingthis disc is, how spiteful to the human condition and obsessed withanger and hatred it seems.
The cover being the color of both shit anddirt, the music being constructed from noises of power tools, homebuilt machines and instruments and 'field recordings.' While it was allabout anger and destruction, I didn't quite feel anger aboutdestruction until the machine crashed. Now I really feel it. Man Icould put my fist through the fucking wall. I don't want to hear anymore of this bloody piece of shit. I have become the fucking Analysisof Self-Destruction. Goddamn is this an effective and emotional CD.Okay, I'm calm now, listening to it again, yes I can hear the noises ofthe dirt in "Under Mother Earth's Skin" and the nightmarish dream-stateinduced by the low hum of late night sounds eminating from my kitchenin "A Head in the Refrigerator of Apartment 213." Alien8 Recordings hasdescribed this CD as being the soundtrack to man's destruction of theearth, but I see it stretching beyond that to include the destructionof others and the destruction of himself. While members have workedwith Merzbow and other noise outfits, this disc has a life all its own.Over the course of six tracks and 71 minutes, the music develops andflows quite appropriately, charging the listener into the emotionalaspects of the true base of negative feelings. It's almost the musicalinterpretation of the destruction a construction crew has to do to aroad before they build over it again -- it backs up the traffic,unearths smells and stenches from the soil, looks very ugly, backs uptraffic for months and has no visible end in sight. There's nothingpretty about this disc. Don't say you weren't warned.