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Black Dice, "Manoman"

The three brand new songs on this 12" only release continue in their movement away from more free-form noise bursts and pursue the beat-laden retro industrial/dub hybrid sound  often explored by the Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire sounds of the late '70s.



For the most part of the excellent 6+ minute "Manoman," it grooves with that familiar syncopated old school dub feel, with a rhythmic voice sounding thing and minimal use of guitar-like wooshes before turning into a steady 4/4 march. "Gore" on the other hand is faster paced but still grooves with an ultimate coolness. Here, the group rocks the stereo separation tossing drums and harsh blasts on one side with the dubby machines on the other. It's fast and fun like something that could score a sci-fi B-movie chase scene with chintzy plastic robots chasing the humanoids in their tight shiny colorful suits. The beat slows back down for "Toka Toka," which is also very alien-like with whooping and knob twiddling, but at 4 minutes, I feel like we're dropped off way too soon from the tune, just as it's getting going.